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A Labor of Love: Tampa Bay Dog


Years ago when I began to take pictures of dogs at the SPCA, my world changed in many ways. First, I became keenly interested in photography, to the point that I am now a professional photographer (when I’m not writing books). Second, I became aware that there is a community of “dog people” in my…

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Amazing underwater story

If you seen the movie Happy Feet (I think that’s the one), then you know that  leopard seals are huge carnivores that feed on penguins.  This National Geographic photographer, Paul Nicklen, has had an amazing encounter with a leopard seal and–well, I should let him tell you all about it.  Enjoy and be amazed. Angie

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Another SPCA day . . . and more


Busy day today.  Went to the pet store where I’ll be taking pictures on Saturday as part of a Spring Fling/rescue event.  If you’re near Seminole, stop on Park Blvd. and check out Bark Life.  Pit Bull Rescue will be there, and other rescue groups as well.  Bark Life is asking $10.00 for the photo…

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A new baby . . . and my adventures continue.

Home from the plane--a little tired, a little stinky.

My heart broke when I had to return Daisy, and of course I wrote about the experience in my blog.  After reading that blog, Dani’s breeder, a wonderful woman named Lisa, wrote to ask if I’d be interested in a special needs puppy.  Another of her girls had had a little two months after Dani…

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Annual 3K SPCA Petwalk

beautiful golden

Whew. Yesterday was the big 3K annual petwalk for Tampa Bay SPCA, and it’s the biggest fund-raiser for the year.  I went down to Straub Park in St. Pete–my job?  To photograph the events and the dogs.  I knew it’d be fun. So I packed up the camera and put on my sun hat (it’s…

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Learn a New Word and Feed the Hungry


On Marlene Bagnull’s web site I discovered a fun distraction–plus, it really helps feed the world’s poor (it checks out on Snopes.com).  It’s a little vocabulary game, and a sponsor will donate so many grains of rice for every word you get correct.  I played until I got my score up to 50 and had…

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