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How DOGS HAVING A BALL came to be . . .

color flat 3d

A few months ago, when I was between projects and looking for a way to spend some (ha!) extra time, I had an idea–I take pictures of homeless dogs all the time, but why not take some pictures of dogs who had already found their forever homes? Show the other, happier side of dog stories?…

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A Labor of Love: Tampa Bay Dog


Years ago when I began to take pictures of dogs at the SPCA, my world changed in many ways. First, I became keenly interested in photography, to the point that I am now a professional photographer (when I’m not writing books). Second, I became aware that there is a community of “dog people” in my…

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Ghost Dog


    I first noticed it yesterday–blood.  Drops of it.  Sprays of it. Up high on the pantry door, down low on my cupboards. Blood swiped across the dishwasher, the refrigerator, and even splashed on my wall oven. My first thought, of course, was that Billy had somehow managed to rip open his stitches (he…

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One person can make a difference

Nolan angel4 resized

I went to the SPCA today instead of on Thursday, my usual day, because WTSP, a local station, wanted to do a piece on citizens who make a difference–and they wanted to talk to me about doggie photography.  So I snapped a few doggie pictures like I always do, talked to the reporter (and embarrassed…

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Beautiful Bark Life

clover in pearls

Had so much fun working hard today.  My friend Tammy owns a local pet store, Bark Life, with her husband. She had a “Spring Fling” today and invited rescue groups to be there–and I was able to take pictures of the rescue pups plus anyone who came in for a pet portrait.  I think everyone…

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Another SPCA day . . . and more


Busy day today.  Went to the pet store where I’ll be taking pictures on Saturday as part of a Spring Fling/rescue event.  If you’re near Seminole, stop on Park Blvd. and check out Bark Life.  Pit Bull Rescue will be there, and other rescue groups as well.  Bark Life is asking $10.00 for the photo…

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