Angela Hunt Books and Series

Here you will find the complete list of Angela Hunt books–or you can download our PDF, updated frequently, of all the books in categories and series order.

Picture Books

  • The Chicken Who Loved Books, HuntHaven Press
  • Nat the Brat, HuntHaven Press
  • Bathtime for Brandon, HuntHaven Press
  • Pretzels by the Dozen, HuntHaven Press
  • Peter McPossum’s Wiggles and Giggles, HuntHaven Press
  • Too Many Tutus, HuntHaven Press
  • The Sleeping Rose, Tommy Nelson
  • Howie Hugemouth, Standard Publishing
  • Pretzels by the Dozen, Hunt Haven Press
  • The True Princess, D.C. Cook, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Singing Shepherd, Hunt Haven Press
  • Calico Bear, Hunt Haven Press
  • A Gift For Grandpa, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Tale of Three Trees, Lion Publishing
  • If I Had Long, Long Hair, Hunt Haven Press

Middle Grade Titles (ages 10-14)

The Young Believers series

with Stephen Arterburn, Tyndale House Publishers

  • Josiah, book one
  • Liane, book two
  • Noah, book three
  • Paige, book four
  • Shane, book five
  • Taz, book six

The Colonial Captives

Juvenile historical fiction

  • Book 1: Kimberly and the Captives
  • Book 2: The Deadly Chase
  • Book 3: The Whales’ Song
  • Books 4: Lost in the Fog

The Cassie Perkins Series, Tyndale House

  • A Forever Friend
  • A Basket of Roses
  • No More Broken Promises
  • A Dream to Cherish
  • The Much-Adored Sandy Shore
  • Love Burning Bright
  • Star Light, Star Bright
  • The Chance of a Lifetime
  • The Glory of Love

Middle Grade Nonfiction

  • Got God?, HuntHaven Press
  • When Your Parents Pull Apart, Hunt Haven Press
  • Where Dragons Dance, Wendy Pye Ltd.
  • Beauty from the Inside Out, Becoming the Best You Can Be, Co-authored With Laura Krauss Calenberg, Hunt Haven Press
  • If God Is Real, Where On Earth Is He? Here’s Life

The Nicki Holland Series

  • The Case of the Mystery Mark
  • The Case of the Teenage Terminator
  • The Case of the Phantom Friend
  • The Case of the Terrified Track Star
  • The Case of the Counterfeit Cash
  • The Case of the Haunting Of Lowell Lanes
  • The Case of the Birthday Bracelet
  • The Secret of Cravenhill Castle
  • The Riddle of Baby Rosalind


  • Now That You’ve Asked Her Out, Here’s Life/Thomas Nelson
  • Now That He’s Asked You Out, Here’s Life/Thomas Nelson

General Nonfiction

  • Contemplating Christmas, Bethany House, 2023.
  • Sit. Stay. Forever. Hunt Haven Press, 2020. A gift book about the bond between dogs and their owners.
  • Writing the Picture Book, HuntHaven Press
  • Dogs Having a Ball, HuntHaven Press
  • Writing Lessons from the Front; the First Ten Books, HuntHaven Press
  • The Fiction Writer’s Book of Checklists, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Writing Historical Fiction, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Tension on the Line, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • The Plot Skeleton: Book 1, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Creating Extraordinary Characters, book 2, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Track Down the Weasel Words, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Point of View, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Evoking Emotions, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Plans and Processes To Get Your Book Written, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • A Christian Writer’s Possibly Useful Ruminations on a Life in Pages, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Snapping Shelter Dogs. . . and Cats!, Using Your Camera to Help Shelter Animals Find New Homes, Hunt Haven Press
  • My Life as a Middle School Mom, Servant Books
  • Loving Someone Else’s Child, Tyndale House
  • The Adoption Option, Victor Books
  • Too Old To Ride, Too Young To Drive, Here’s Life/Thomas Nelson
  • Just a Country Preacher, biography of B.R. Lakin, The Old Time Gospel Hour

Adult Fiction

Single Title Novels

  • Paul, Apostle of Christ, the novelization of the major motion picture, Bethany House Publishers
  • Risen, the novelization of the major motion picture, Bethany House Publishers
  • Passing Strangers, HuntHaven Press
  • The Offering, Howard
  • Five Miles South of Peculiar, Howard,
  • The Fine Art of Insincerity, Howard
  • Let Darkness Come, Hunt Haven Press
  • Taking a Chance on Love, Tyndale House, a novelization of the Hallmark movie written by Douglas Barr
  • She’s In a Better Place, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Face, Hunt Haven Press
  • She Always Wore Red, Hunt Haven Press
  • Doesn’t She Look Natural?, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Nativity Story, a novelization based on the screenplay by Mike Rich, Tyndale House
  • The Elevator, Steeple Hill/Harlequin
  • Uncharted, Hunt Haven Press
  • Magdalene, Hunt Haven Press
  • A Time to Mend, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Novelist, Hunt Haven Press
  • Unspoken, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Awakening, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Debt, Thomas Nelson
  • The Canopy, Thomas Nelson
  • The Shadow Women, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Pearl, Thomas Nelson
  • The Justice, Hunt Haven Press
  • Then Comes Marriage, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Note, Thomas Nelson
  • The Story Jar, “The Yellow Sock,” a novella
  • The Immortal, Thomas Nelson
  • The Truth Teller, Hunt Haven Press
  • Flee the Darkness, Thomas Nelson, with Grant Jeffrey
  • By Dawn’s Early Light, with Grant Jeffrey, Thomas Nelson
  • The Spear of Tyranny, with Grant Jeffrey, Thomas Nelson
  • Gentle Touch, Bethany House
  • The Proposal, Hunt Haven Press

Books in a Series . . .

The Emissaries series, Bethany House

The Woman from Lydia, coming in 2023

The Jerusalem Road series, Bethany House

  • Daughter of Cana
  • The Shepherd’s Wife
  • A Woman of Words
  • The Apostle’s Sister

The Silent Years series, Bethany House

  • Egypt’s Sister
  • Judah’s Wife
  • Jerusalem’s Queen
  • King’s Shadow

The Dangerous Beauty series, Bethany House

  • Esther
  • Bathsheba
  • Delilah

The Heirs of Cahira O’Connor Series

  • The Silver Sword
  • The Golden Cross
  • The Velvet Shadow
  • The Emerald Isle

The Keepers of the Ring Series, Hunt Haven Press

  • Roanoke, the Lost Colony
  • Jamestown
  • Hartford
  • Rehoboth
  • Charles Towne

Legacies of the Ancient River series, Hunt Haven Press

  • Dreamers
  • Brothers
  • Journey

The Theyn Chronicles (or The Knights’ Chronicles)

  • Afton of Margate Castle
  • The Troubadour’s Quest
  • Ingram of the Irish

The Heavenly Daze series, co-authored with Lori Copeland

  • The Island of Heavenly Daze
  • Grace in Autumn
  • Warmth in Winter
  • A Perfect Love
  • Hearts at Home

Harbingers, with Bill Myers, Frank E. Peretti, Alton Gansky, and Jeff Gerke

  • Sentinels, Harbingers #3, Amaris Media International
  • Infiltration, Harbingers #7, Amaris Media International
  • Hybrids, Harbingers #11, Amaris Media International
  • Fairy, Harbingers #15, Amaris Media International
  • Into the Blue, Harbingers #19, Amaris Media International


  • Redeeming Love: the Bible Study, Francine Rivers and Angela Hunt, Multnomah
  • Don’t Blink, Brandon and Brittany Buell and Angela Hunt, Tyndale
  • Street God, Dimas Salaberrios and Angela Hunt, Tyndale
  • Misconception, Paul and Shannon Morell and Angela Hunt, Howard
  • Why I Stayed, Gayle Haggard and Angela Hunt, Tyndale House
  • IdolEyes, Mandisa Hundley and Angela Hunt, Tyndale House
  • Don’t Bet Against Me, Deanna Favre and Angela Hunt, Tyndale House
  • Heavenly Crowns, with Heather Whitestone McCallum, Zondervan
  • Let God Surprise You, with Heather Whitestone McCallum, Zondervan
  • Flashpoints, with Steve Arterburn, Tyndale House
  • Listening With My Heart, with Heather Whitestone, Miss America 1995, Doubleday
  • The Rise of Babylon, with Charles Dyer, Tyndale