Angela Hunt Books & Series

Below you will find the complete list of Angela Hunt books–or you can download our PDF, updated frequently, of all the books in categories and series order.

Picture Books


    • The Chicken Who Loved Books, HuntHaven Press
    • Nat the Brat, HuntHaven Press
    • Bathtime for Brandon, HuntHaven Press
    • Pretzels by the Dozen, HuntHaven Press
    • Peter McPossum’s Wiggles and Giggles, HuntHaven Press
    • Too Many Tutus, HuntHaven Press
    • The Sleeping Rose, Tommy Nelson
    • Howie Hugemouth, Standard Publishing
    • Pretzels by the Dozen, Hunt Haven Press
    • The True Princess, D.C. Cook, Hunt Haven Press
    • The Singing Shepherd, Hunt Haven Press
    • Calico Bear, Hunt Haven Press
    • A Gift For Grandpa, Hunt Haven Press
    • The Tale of Three Trees, Lion Publishing
    • If I Had Long, Long Hair, Hunt Haven Press

Middle Grade Titles (ages 10-14)

The Young Believers series

with Stephen Arterburn, Tyndale House Publishers

  • Josiah, book one
  • Liane, book two
  • Noah, book three
  • Paige, book four
  • Shane, book five
  • Taz, book six

The Colonial Captives

Juvenile historical fiction

  • Book 1: Kimberly and the Captives
  • Book 2: The Deadly Chase
  • Book 3: The Whales’ Song
  • Books 4: Lost in the Fog

The Cassie Perkins Series, Tyndale House

  • A Forever Friend
  • A Basket of Roses
  • No More Broken Promises
  • A Dream to Cherish
  • The Much-Adored Sandy Shore
  • Love Burning Bright
  • Star Light, Star Bright
  • The Chance of a Lifetime
  • The Glory of Love

 The Nicki Holland Series

    • The Case of the Mystery Mark
    • The Case of the Teenage Terminator
    • The Case of the Phantom Friend
    • The Case of the Terrified Track Star
    • The Case of the Counterfeit Cash
    • The Case of the Haunting Of Lowell Lanes
    • The Case of the Birthday Bracelet
    • The Secret of Cravenhill Castle
    • The Riddle of Baby Rosalind

Middle Grade Nonfiction

    • Got God?, HuntHaven Press
    • When Your Parents Pull Apart, Hunt Haven Press
    • Where Dragons Dance, Wendy Pye Ltd.
    • Beauty from the Inside Out, Becoming the Best You Can Be, Co-authored With Laura Krauss Calenberg, Hunt Haven Press
    • If God Is Real, Where On Earth Is He? Here’s Life


    • Now That You’ve Asked Her Out, Here’s Life/Thomas Nelson
    • Now That He’s Asked You Out, Here’s Life/Thomas Nelson

General Nonfiction


  • Star of Wonder: An Advent Devotional to Illuminate the People, Places, and Purpose of the First Christmas. Bethany House, September 2023.
  • Sit. Stay. Forever. Hunt Haven Press, 2020. A gift book about the bond between dogs and their owners.
  • Writing the Picture Book, HuntHaven Press
  • Dogs Having a Ball, HuntHaven Press
  • Writing Lessons from the Front; the First Ten Books, HuntHaven Press
  • The Fiction Writer’s Book of Checklists, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Writing Historical Fiction, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Tension on the Line, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • The Plot Skeleton: Book 1, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • The First Fifty Pages, Writing Lessons from the Front series
  • The Art of Revision, Writing Lessons from the Front series
  • Writing Dialogue, Writing Lessons from the Front series
  • Creating Extraordinary Characters, book 2, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Track Down the Weasel Words, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Point of View, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Evoking Emotions, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Plans and Processes To Get Your Book Written, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • A Christian Writer’s Possibly Useful Ruminations on a Life in Pages, Writing Lessons from the Front series, HuntHaven Press
  • Snapping Shelter Dogs. . . and Cats!, Using Your Camera to Help Shelter Animals Find New Homes, Hunt Haven Press
  • My Life as a Middle School Mom, Servant Books
  • Loving Someone Else’s Child, Tyndale House
  • The Adoption Option, Victor Books
  • Too Old To Ride, Too Young To Drive, Here’s Life/Thomas Nelson
  • Just a Country Preacher, biography of B.R. Lakin, The Old Time Gospel Hour

Adult Fiction


Single Title Novels

  • What a Wave Must Be, Focus on the Family Publishing, November 2023.
  • Paul, Apostle of Christ, the novelization of the major motion picture, Bethany House Publishers
  • Risen, the novelization of the major motion picture, Bethany House Publishers
  • Passing Strangers, HuntHaven Press
  • The Offering, Howard
  • Five Miles South of Peculiar, Howard,
  • The Fine Art of Insincerity, Howard
  • Let Darkness Come, Hunt Haven Press
  • Taking a Chance on Love, Tyndale House, a novelization of the Hallmark movie written by Douglas Barr
  • The Face, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Nativity Story, a novelization based on the screenplay by Mike Rich, Tyndale House
  • The Elevator, Steeple Hill/Harlequin
  • Uncharted, Hunt Haven Press
  • Magdalene, Hunt Haven Press
  • A Time to Mend, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Novelist, Hunt Haven Press
  • Unspoken, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Awakening, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Debt, Thomas Nelson
  • The Canopy, Thomas Nelson
  • The Shadow Women, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Pearl, Thomas Nelson
  • The Justice, Hunt Haven Press
  • Then Comes Marriage, Hunt Haven Press
  • The Note, Thomas Nelson
  • The Story Jar, “The Yellow Sock,” a novella
  • The Immortal, Thomas Nelson
  • The Truth Teller, Hunt Haven Press
  • Flee the Darkness, Thomas Nelson, with Grant Jeffrey
  • By Dawn’s Early Light, with Grant Jeffrey, Thomas Nelson
  • The Spear of Tyranny, with Grant Jeffrey, Thomas Nelson
  • Gentle Touch, Bethany House
  • The Proposal, Hunt Haven Press

Books in a Series


The Emissaries series, Bethany House

The Woman from Lydia

The Sisters of Corinth

The Daughter of Rome, coming in 2025


The Jerusalem Road series, Bethany House

  • Daughter of Cana
  • The Shepherd’s Wife
  • A Woman of Words
  • The Apostle’s Sister

The Silent Years series, Bethany House

  • Egypt’s Sister
  • Judah’s Wife
  • Jerusalem’s Queen
  • King’s Shadow

The Dangerous Beauty series, Bethany House

  • Esther
  • Bathsheba
  • Delilah

The Heirs of Cahira O’Connor Series

  • The Silver Sword
  • The Golden Cross
  • The Velvet Shadow
  • The Emerald Isle

The Fairlawn Series

  • Doesn’t She Look Natural?
  • She Always Wore Red
  • She’s In a Better Place

    The Keepers of the Ring Series, Hunt Haven Press

    • Roanoke, the Lost Colony
    • Jamestown
    • Hartford
    • Rehoboth
    • Charles Towne

    Legacies of the Ancient River series, Hunt Haven Press

    • Dreamers
    • Brothers
    • Journey

    The Theyn Chronicles (or The Knights’ Chronicles)

    • Afton of Margate Castle
    • The Troubadour’s Quest
    • Ingram of the Irish

    The Heavenly Daze series, co-authored with Lori Copeland

    • The Island of Heavenly Daze
    • Grace in Autumn
    • Warmth in Winter
    • A Perfect Love
    • Hearts at Home

    Harbingers, with Bill Myers, Frank E. Peretti, Alton Gansky, and Jeff Gerke

    • Sentinels, Harbingers #3, Amaris Media International
    • Infiltration, Harbingers #7, Amaris Media International
    • Hybrids, Harbingers #11, Amaris Media International
    • Fairy, Harbingers #15, Amaris Media International
    • Into the Blue, Harbingers #19, Amaris Media International


    • Redeeming Love: the Companion Study, Francine Rivers and Angela Hunt, Multnomah
    • Don’t Blink, Brandon and Brittany Buell and Angela Hunt, Tyndale
    • Street God, Dimas Salaberrios and Angela Hunt, Tyndale
    • Misconception, Paul and Shannon Morell and Angela Hunt, Howard
    • Why I Stayed, Gayle Haggard and Angela Hunt, Tyndale House
    • IdolEyes, Mandisa Hundley and Angela Hunt, Tyndale House
    • Don’t Bet Against Me, Deanna Favre and Angela Hunt, Tyndale House
    • Heavenly Crowns, with Heather Whitestone McCallum, Zondervan
    • Let God Surprise You, with Heather Whitestone McCallum, Zondervan
    • Flashpoints, with Steve Arterburn, Tyndale House
    • Listening With My Heart, with Heather Whitestone, Miss America 1995, Doubleday
    • The Rise of Babylon, with Charles Dyer, Tyndale