Whew. Yesterday was the big 3K annual petwalk for Tampa Bay SPCA, and it’s the biggest fund-raiser for the year.  I went down to Straub Park in St. Pete–my job?  To photograph the events and the dogs.  I knew it’d be fun.

So I packed up the camera and put on my sun hat (it’s still hot down here, though not as bad as summertime), and got some great shots.  Also met some really nice people–and their dogs, of course.  And it wasn’t only dogs down at the park–I saw goats, bunnies, and a parrot happily riding on his owner’s shoulder.

I think it’s best if the photos tell the story, so enjoy: 2012 Petwalk of the SPCA!




  1. Lissa

    How fun!

  2. Sophia Leboeuf

    Thank you for taking our picture. 🙂 Odin (bunny) had a great time there and it was his first time out in public surrounded with other animals which he was very relax. I did the walk this year (2013) with (now) two bunnies (Odin and Cayman). It was Cayman’s first time and I’m was very proud of her.

    Hope next year you’ll be there taking more pictures of all the amazing pets there. It’s definitely a great event.


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