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Angela Hunt is a prolific writer with more than 150 published books to her credit. To make your search as easy as possible, we have arranged Angie's titles into categories. To learn more about any category, simply click on one of the covers below. To download a list of Angela's books, click here. To "read through history" with Angela Hunt, click here. If you are interested in Angela's original art or special gift packages, click "shop" in the above menu.

Angela Hunt launches a new series!

Angela's latest series, The Emissaries, launches in 2023 with the release of THE WOMAN FROM LYDIA. The series features fledgling believers who have come to faith through the teachings of the apostle Paul. Read the first book! »

Online Writing Course Now Available

Have you ever wanted to attend a writer's workshop but couldn't find the time? Are you struggling to take your work to a higher, more professional level? This class could be perfect for you. 

Recorded live at a two-day event with students much like you, Angela Hunt teaches writing as only she can--simply, creatively, and spontaneously. But this course includes so much more--each video is accompanied by a lesson you can download, study, and refer back to whenever needed. To help you apply the information to YOUR work, each "chapter" also includes worksheets for you to fill out for your manuscript.

Because you can work through this course at your own pace, you will be better able to apply these lessons to your own writing--especially your work-in-progress. Watch your work-in-progress (WIP) grow better and stronger after you've covered each topic. 

Providing information for both fiction and nonfiction writers, Dr. Hunt covers topics such as plotting, character development, pacing, traditional and self publishing, self-editing, formatting, and much more. 

So take this course. Refer back to it often. And watch your writing become deeper, more professional, and more polished.

NEW! We also have a class available on writing for children! Taught by Angela Hunt and Bill Myers. Order now! »