Releasing in 2024

The Sisters of Corinth . . . the second book in the Emissaries series

“Angela Hunt takes her craft to new heights–and depths–as she fully immerses us in the lives and struggles of first-century followers of Yeshua.”–Tamera Alexander, bestselling author on The Woman from Lydia

When the new provincial governor arrives in Corinth, the esteemed Chief Magistrate Narkis Ligus, father to Mariana and Prima, is delighted. He sees a golden opportunity to propel himself to greater power and fortune by uniting his and the governor’s households through the marriage of one of his beautiful unwed daughters to the governor’s firstborn son. 

Yet complications quickly arise in Narkis’s own family. Mariana, his stepdaughter, holds steadfast faith in Yeshua, rendering her hesitant to marry a man devoted to the Roman gods, despite Narkis’s urging. On the other hand, Prima, his daughter by birth, yearns for a life of wealth and status and is willing to go to great lengths to secure a marriage that fulfills her desires–even if it means betraying Mariana to do so.

“What can I say about The Sisters of Corinth that will do it justice? Angela Hunt has written a book that is richly detailed, absorbing, and highly addictive. Prepare to stay up all night because you won’t be able to put this one down!”–Laura D., reviewer

“Angela Hunt has once again pulled off an amazing story. One I couldn’t put down until finished!” Lori P, reviewer

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Releasing in 2025

The Daughter of Rome

Cover Not Finalized

In Nero’s Rome, Calandra helps her father, a renowned sculptor, complete the most significant commission of his illustrious career. But then a catastrophic fire nearly destroys the imperial city, leaving Calandra reliant on a group of Christians—unusual individuals unlike any she has encountered before. Intrigued by their worship of the Son of an invisible God, Calandra grapples with her mistrust, only to find herself indebted to these believers as they help her rebuild her shattered world.  

When Emperor Nero begins constructing his opulent Golden House, the people of Rome grow resentful, suspecting him of setting the fire in order to clear the land for his immense palace. Needing a scapegoat, Nero points at those who follow the Jewish Messiah, forcing Calandra to make an impossible choice between right and wrong, friends and family, love and death. 

New York Times bestselling author Angela Hunt brings her series to an exhilarating close with a gripping tale of faith and sacrifice set against the rich tapestry of ancient Rome.