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Latest release . . .

A new series! Picking up where The Silent Years series ends, the Jerusalem Road series is set in the early first century, when Jesus Christ first began His public ministry. You won’t want to miss it!

Book One: Daughter of Cana

Thomas and Tasmin, twin siblings hired to oversee a wedding feast in Cana, worry when the host runs out of wine . . . until a guest tells Tasmin to have the servants fill the pitchers by the gate with water from the cistern. Reluctantly, she obeys, and is amazed when the stagnant rain water turns into the finest wine ever tasted in Cana. When Thomas impulsively decides to follow the teacher from Nazareth, he and Tasmin argue, and since the twins have been together since birth, Tasmin can’t accept losing her brother to some prophet-magician. Aided by Jude, younger brother to Yeshua of Nazareth, she decides to find the wandering group of idealists and do whatever she must to mend her fractured relationship with Thomas and bring her brother home.


THE SINGING SHEPHERD Tells the story of Jareb, a young shepherd who sings whenever he feels afraid. He feels afraid quite often, and he sings so badly that he annoys anyone who hears him. Through an exciting encounter with the infant Jesus, Jareb discovers courage and begins to sing for a new and positive reason.








Coming in Fall 2020:  The Shepherd’s Wife

Yeshua of Nazareth has two sisters: Damaris, married to a wealthy merchant’s son, and Pheodora, married to a simple shepherd from Bethlehem. When Pheodora’s husband suffers an unexpected reversal of fortune, Pheodora must call on her wits, her family, and her God in order to survive. But when every prayer and ritual she knows is about God’s care for Israel, how can she trust that God will hear and help a lowly shepherd’s wife?





Coming in Spring 2021:  A Woman of Words

Matthew, a former tax collector, is invited to work with Peter, James, and John in Jerusalem. He dreams of preaching and performing miracles like his fellow apostles, but finds his goals frustrated because Yeshua’s mother asks for his help. Well-aware of the passing years, Mary asks Matthew to help her record the stories of Yeshua while the eye-witnesses are still alive. Reluctantly, he agrees, though the longer he and Mary work together, the more difficult their task becomes. When Mary encourages him to come to terms with issues from his past, he realizes that the job he grudgingly accepted might be his God-given destiny.