New Books for 2023

The Woman From Lydia

THE WOMAN FROM LYDIA, the first book in THE EMISSARIES series.

Hector, a retired Roman soldier, settles in Philippi with Lucius, his comrade in arms; three slaves; and his dreams of finally achieving wealth and status. His hopes are dashed, however, when an itinerant Jewish missionary robs Hector’s youngest slave of her ability to foretell the future. 

Widowed Euodia, known to her neighbors as “the Lydian woman,” struggles to make a fresh start in a foreign city. She finds new purpose in life when she meets Paulos, apostle to the Gentiles, and is honored when he establishes a fledgling church in her home. When she realizes that Sabina, the slave girl who is now useless in the eyes of her owners, is being abused, she buys the girl from Lucius, intending to set her free. 

But when Hector discovers that the slave has been sold, he swears he will restore her lucrative ability . . . even if he must travel to the ends of the earth to find someone with similar gifts from the gods. Following close behind him, Euodia and her servants set out to rescue the girl, not for gain, but for compelling reasons of the heart. 

“THE WOMAN FROM LYDIA is a terrific story. I love the way Hunt weaves history throughout to bring readers into ancient times. The book is rich in detail, and the characters are fully rendered. Lessons and scripture smoothly woven into the story. And I love a happy ending.”  —Francine Rivers, author of The Masterpiece

“THE WOMAN FROM LYDIA is a terrific story. I love the way Hunt weaves history throughout to bring readers into ancient times. The book is rich in detail, and the characters are fully rendered. Lessons and scripture smoothly woven into the story. And I love a happy ending.” —Francine Rivers, author of The Masterpiece

“Angela Hunt is a gifted writer, and The Woman from Lydia is more proof of that. I completely lost my heart to Euodia, Ariston, and Sabina. Hunt doesn’t shrink from the harsh reality of life in the first century Roman world. Life was cheap. But Messiah Yeshua taught His followers to love others, and we see that in the actions of the main characters of this story. A beautiful beginning to a new series.” –Robin Lee Hatcher, author of All She Ever Dreamed

Star of Wonder

STAR OF WONDER: An Advent Devotional to Illuminate the People, Places, and Purpose of the First Christmas

“This Advent devotional is written with passion, showing patterns and prophecies that filled me with renewed hope and wonder.”–FRANCINE RIVERS, bestselling author of The Lady’s Mine and Redeeming Love

Come, Rediscover the Wonder and Reality of the Very First Christmas

We all love the Christmas season, but have we buried the truth of the day?

Bestselling author Angela Hunt weaves together visceral storytelling with overlooked biblical historical truths to help you rediscover the places, people, prophecies, and purpose of Christmas. Each of the engaging twenty-five devotions includes scriptural insights, historical facts, and personal application, which–along with weekly family activities–will have everyone saying, “I didn’t know that!” as the Nativity comes to life anew.

Explore Bethlehem and Nazareth. Walk with Mary, Joseph, and others. Be amazed by the words of the prophets of old. And be warmed by God’s great purpose that culminated in the birth of the Messiah.

Star of Wonder is perfect as an individual Advent devotional or for small group study. You will see Christmas with new eyes, create lasting holiday memories, and shine light on the wonder of that night so long ago.


What a Wave Must Be

What do you do when the unthinkable happens?

Frank and Susan Lawton have every reason to be happy. They keep busy in semi-retirement, they’re active in their church and community, and their only child has become a prosperous businessman with a beautiful wife and a precocious teenage daughter, Maddie.

But one day the unthinkable happens, and Frank and Susan cannot understand why God allows such a thing. Has he abandoned them? Was he sleeping on the job?

When a heartbroken Maddie comes to live with them, Frank and Susan find themselves on an unexpected journey to a new understanding—an odyssey of the heart.

Honest, tender, heartfelt. Hunt examines the topic with such gentle insight we realize how anyone can be impacted . . . and find hope.”  –Bill Myers, author of Rendezvous with God series.

“Angela Hunt delicately and expertly takes the confusion, depression and traumatic effects surrounding suicide and transforms them with hope and a family’s unconditional love in What a Wave Must Be.”—DiAnn Mills, author of FACING THE ENEMY 

“Bestselling and award-winning novelist Angela Hunt exhibits her beloved empathy in WHAT A WAVE MUST BE, a saga of devastating personal loss that becomes a beacon of hope and healing in the end. With her trademark insight into a contemporary woman’s mind, Angela keeps us turning the pages into the wee hours to see how God can beam light into utter darkness.”—Jerry B. Jenkins, author of RIVEN

“This compelling story resonates with both honesty and hope. For survivors wrestling with unanswered questions, Hunt’s novel is a potent reminder that God’s love can permeate even the darkest moments of life. As a survivor who knows the pain of losing a beloved family member to suicide, I am so glad I read WHAT A WAVE MUST BE.” –Stephanie Grace Whitson, author of HOW TO HELP A GRIEVING FRIEND.