On Marlene Bagnull’s web site I discovered a fun distraction–plus, it really helps feed the world’s poor (it checks out on Snopes.com).  It’s a little vocabulary game, and a sponsor will donate so many grains of rice for every word you get correct. 

I played until I got my score up to 50 and had donated 3,060 grains of rice–doesn’t sound like much, does it?  But if we play every day, we’ll not only be improving our vocabulary, we’ll be helping feed someone else for the day! 
P.S.  My cousin tells me there’s a similar site for feeding animals here. Click away! 


  1. Leslie

    I love it! I’ve spent a few bored moments here and there playing it. Its not an anonymous donor though – its paid for by the advertisements at the bottom of the screen as you play (although that doesn’t mean an anonymous donor doesn’t donate too 🙂 )

  2. jackie colburn

    Spent my break from work in here. Fun! Angie, did you see the dictionary work for the day? I’m trying to work that one into writing! Have a great day…back to my day job.

  3. Kay

    I like that rice game! I play it and then I forget about it and then someone else puts it on their blog and I play it and forget about it again.

    Today in our writers’ group some of your latest Nangie students were raving about what a wonderful experience it was!

  4. Anonymous

    That was waaaaay too much fun. I LOVE words, and I will flag this page for more days to come. Thx, Angie! Clyde


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