Don’t Blink

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Don’t Blink
Tampa Bay Dog!  2016 Edition

The Adoption Option

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The Adoption Option
Got God?: Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know about God but Maybe Never Thought to Ask (Volume 1)
Writing Lessons from the Front: The First Ten Books
The Plot Skeleton: a practical, bare boned approach that works for children’s books, short stories, novels, screenplays, and storytellers (Writing Lessons from the Front) (Volume 1)
Creating Extraordinary Characters: a simple, practical approach to creating unforgettable characters (Writing Lessons from the Front)
Writing Historical Fiction: Viewing the Past Through the Lens of the Present (Writing Lessons from the Front)
Point of View (Writing Lessons from the Front)
Evoking Emotion (Writing Lessons from the Front)
Track Down the Weasel Words: And other strategies to revise and improve your manuscript (Writing Lessons from the Front)
Plans and Processes to Get Your Book Written (Writing Lessons from the Front)
Tension On the Line: Writing Lessons from the Front
The Fiction Writer’s Book of Checklists: Gentle Reminders to Help Your Work be the Best It Can Be (Writing Lessons from the Front)
A Christian Writer’s Possibly Useful Ruminations from A Life in Pages (Writing Lessons from the Front)
Snapping Shelter Dogs . . . and Cats!: Using your camera to help shelter animals find loving homes
Loving Someone Else’s Child: A Christian Case for Step-in Parenting
My Life as a Middle School Mom: My children may be deductible, but they’re still taxing!
Beauty From the Inside Out: Professional Secrets from Top Models
Keeping Your Life Together When Your Parents Pull Apart: A Teen’s Guide to Surviving Divorce