Busy day today.  Went to the pet store where I’ll be taking pictures on Saturday as part of a Spring Fling/rescue event.  If you’re near Seminole, stop on Park Blvd. and check out Bark Life.  Pit Bull Rescue will be there, and other rescue groups as well.  Bark Life is asking $10.00 for the photo session sitting, and every penny of that will be given to the rescue groups.  So comb your hair, grab your pet, and come on down!

After stopping in at Bark Life, I went to the SPCA to snap some available doggies.  I was well on my way to doing all the dogs that needed pictures, but then my camera filled up!  Duh.  I realized that I had loaded it with smaller data cards than I usually do.  And only 143 pictures will not do the job–for me, anyway.

So I had to come home and start processing photos.  Then Billy had to go to the vet.  Then he had to go, period, so I had to apologize to the poor girl who had to mop and clean and then mop and clean again.  Oh, the joys of puppyhood.

Then home to process more pictures.  Later, I’ll be making a list of all the things I’ll need to take to the pet store on Saturday. I do not want to be caught unprepared–or with small data cards!

This afternoon I heard that I might be working on another collaborative book for some folks.  Sounds like an intriguing project, but I can’t say more until I know more.  Stay tuned.

And now, here are the doggies I did manage to snap before the camera filled up:

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  1. kathy

    They are all so cute. I hope they all get good homes.


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