A few months ago, when I was between projects and looking for a way to spend some (ha!) extra time, I had an idea–I take pictures of homeless dogs all the time, but why not take some pictures of dogs who had already found their forever homes? Show the other, happier side of dog stories?

And I’d seen so many great photography books featuring dogs–UNDERWATER DOGS, PEANUT BUTTER DOGS . . . so what else do dogs like to do?  Play with balls!

The title gave me a bit of a challenge–the obvious title made me laugh, but my husband said I just couldn’t use it–the double entendre was just too . . . improper.  So my friend Clyde suggested “Dogs –Having a Ball!” and I knew it was perfect.

So I put out the word to my doggie friends, and they spread the word to their doggie friends, and while I had been optimistically hoping to photograph 100 dogs, the response was so enthusiastic I had to call a halt or I’d never get my next novel written.

So sweet little Coco, pictured below, was the last dog to be photographed for the book, and I think she is number 102 or 103.  I owe a huge thanks to all the puppy parents who brought their dogs to my house, and I hope they all enjoy the book.  I’ve already had a bittersweet realization–even though it only took a few months to put this book together, we have already lost three of these beautiful pets. So I hope that as years go by, this book will be a precious memorial of the love we shared with these special 100 plus dogs.

The book will soon be available at your favorite online retailers, or any bookstore ought to be able to order it for you.  Enjoy!  And after you’ve looked through it, go outside, grab a ball, and play with your dog!




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