Had so much fun working hard today.  My friend Tammy owns a local pet store, Bark Life, with her husband. She had a “Spring Fling” today and invited rescue groups to be there–and I was able to take pictures of the rescue pups plus anyone who came in for a pet portrait.  I think everyone had a wonderful time.  The dogs were the usual mixture of easy and not-so-easy, but some of the photos took my breath away–then again, I’m partial to little big dogs in costumes. 🙂

By the end of the day, eleven dogs had been adopted and I had a camera full of photos to edit.  I edited the rescue pups first because I want those folks to be able to get them up on their websites. So here are a few of the rescue puppies from today.  My favorite is the little Doggue de Bordeaux, or

star rescue Pitbullgunner3 putbull gunner2 pitbull gulnner1 dog being evaluated3 Dog being evaluated2 photo for bark life Rescue pink girl2 Jeremiah holmes Jeremiah valentines jeremiah hat 2 Jeremiah hatless Molly ROAR Lola grace eyes up Lola grace on sofa cute Lola grace over the shoulder Lola grace plantitive expression Lola grace angel Lola grace angelic expression Lola grace sweet clover cute in pearls clover cute sitting clover in pearlsFrench Mastiff.  She was so easy to pose, and I just love her.  Hope she finds a good home soon.  


Jeremiah, the dog in the hat, has his own Facebook page, and his foster mom likes featuring him in hats.  He seems to take to them!



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  1. Jen Adams

    The pictures are adorable! The pooch with the purple flower on its collar has the same markings as our beagle/pointer mix, whom we adopted from the Brown County Humane Society in Indiana. Our Amy is a 2 year old, 25 pound dynamo and we adore her!


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