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Bom: The Writing (Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty)

Writing Bathsheba was a bit of a challenge because of the middle. Photo: writing in college.  🙂 Most novelists struggle with the "sagging middle" in the best of circumstances because it's easy to let the tension level fall.  In Bathsheba, however, there WAS NO...

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BOM: The Research (Bathsheba)

Once you've written one historical novel about a biblical character, a great deal of the research is done--after that, it's just a matter of refreshing your memory and digging into story particulars.  Because I've written biblical historical fiction before (Dreamers,...

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BOM: The germination of the idea

Some books spring into the mind from out of the blue, and some, like this, are structured into a series.  Since I had already decided that the second book would be Bathsheba--a woman who's beauty clearly got her into trouble--then the idea was simple--tell her story...

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Alone in Las Vegas, or How I Lost my Hope

I blogged every single day for about five years, then ran out of things to say.  So now I only blog when I'm inspired.  🙂 Which I am, at the moment. ***** I don't know about you, but lately  I've found it easy to look around and think that I'm living through the...

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The book bundle is back!

     You may remember this book bundle from back in January--if you didn't have a chance to get it then, you have TWO DAYS to get this collection of home improvement books.  (I have decided to paint my bedroom furniture--and now I know how to do it right!)   March 31...

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Have you discovered

Some friends of mine, Fred and Nora St. Laurent, have established, or  These sites are for people who love to read Christian fiction, and boy, do they have an enthusiastic following!  I've popped into their monthly chat room a few...

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We’re just so BUSY !

There aren’t enough hours in the day, right? With work, helping the kids with their homework, preparing meals, cleaning up after everyone and putting yet another load of laundry on, there’s very little time for sleep – let alone DIY, writing, and crafting! But do you...

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Do you love DYI? (Doing it Yourself?)

Yesterday I listened to a webinar about design trends . . . and I was struck by one thing the speaker said: Now that people are more tied to their computers with social media and online interaction, they are craving more creative personal experiences like crafts, etc....

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