Bathsheba_DesignIf it’s September first, it’s time for another book of the month because I actually have TWO books releasing today! The first is STREET GOD, which is really Dimas Salaberrios’s book–I helped him write his story after Tyndale House contacted me.  I was with some writer friends this past weekend, and I entertained them at one lunch simply by sharing stories from Dimas’s book.  It’s a wonderful read–this generation’s THE CROSS AND THE SWITCHBLADE.

BATHSHEBA: RELUCTANT BEAUTY follows ESTHER: ROYAL BEAUTY.  In this story, I took the biblical tale of Bathsheba and David, then fleshed it out, taking care not to contradict anything in Scripture–or history, for that matter.

I’m always chagrinned when I read a review of one of my historical books on a biblical character that begins:  “This isn’t biblical, but . . .”

It certainly IS.   And it’s true.

How can I say that fiction is true?  Easy–a novel may not be ACTUAL, because we can’t know exactly what was said and done, but good novels are based on true themes, true history, and true human feelings.  Novels are far more true than a lot of nonfiction books I’ve read.  🙂

So for the rest of this week, I’ll be blogging each morning and the writing, research, and so forth about BATHSHEBA.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments box!




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