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I’m Angela Hunt, a Scavenger Hunt veteran, and you can learn more about me on my website, angelahuntbooks.com or on my Facebook page

I’m eager to tell you about my new release, The Sisters of Corinth. It is book 2 in the Emissaries series, though you can read it as a stand-alone. This series is about Gentile believers in the cities where Paul planted churches. 

Here’s the gist: When the new provincial governor arrives in Corinth, the esteemed Chief Magistrate Narkis Ligus, father to Mariana and Prima, is delighted. He sees a golden opportunity to propel himself to greater power and fortune by uniting his and the governor’s households through the marriage of one of his beautiful unwed daughters to the governor’s firstborn son. But complications quickly arise. Mariana, his stepdaughter, holds steadfast faith in Yeshua, rendering her hesitant to marry a man devoted to the Roman gods. Yet Prima, his daughter by birth, yearns for a life of wealth and status and is willing to go to great lengths to secure a marriage that fulfills her desires–even if it means betraying Mariana to do so. Which daughter will win? 

For The Sisters of Corinth, I wanted to begin with a Cinderella-type proposition: after much primping and preparation, two step-sisters are invited to a banquet where one will be chosen to marry the governor’s handsome son. 

But Corinth was not exactly an enchanted kingdom. It was the Vegas of the Roman Empire, a place where wealthy Romans could attend the theater, gamble, invest gold and silver, and satisfy all their desires. What happened in Corinth, apparently, stayed in Corinth.

Back to my sisters: one wants to please God; the other wants to please herself. One doesn’t want to marry the prince—er, the governor’s son, the other is determined to marry him. So guess which girl he chooses? Of course! Conflict is the heart of story. 

Roman hairstyles–which is your favorite?

I hope you’ll enjoy this story of sisters who find themselves at odd with each other. The beauty rituals of Roman women are beyond belief . . . but not so different from some of ours today! The Sisters of Corinth releases on May 21. 

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  1. Beth

    What fun!

  2. Sue Sorensen

    Loving the scavenger hunt

  3. Alicia Haney

    Your books sound like great reads. Have a great day and a great rest of the week.

  4. Jeanie Jacobson

    Maybe the Roman hairstyles will make a comeback. LOL!

    • Angie

      There are a couple that have the “mall bang” of the 80’s . . . 😉

  5. Sharon Jennings

    I love your books. I am looking for one you wrote about a nurse with breast cancer, I could not read it or buy it at the time it came out because my identical twin sister was just diagnosed with breast cancer, She has since went home to be with Jesus and I would like to know the name of the book so I can purchase it. I think it will help me with the healing process. Thanks again for your wonderful stories.

    • Angie

      That book is now called a time to mend, and yes, it is available on Amazon. I’m so sorry about your loss.

  6. Becky Isaac

    Am I the only one, or did some of those hair styles have a creepy thing going?

  7. M A Ellis

    Some people like to clean their house from clues, register for all giveaways

  8. Shannon Kraus

    You are such a wonderful author! I love your books!

    • Angie

      Why thank you!

  9. Leslie S. Lowe

    Cinderella has always been my favorite fairytale. I am writing a contemporary version mixed in with my maternal heritage. I love that you are picking where Paul first planted churches.

  10. Elizabeth Tarr

    I’m excited to read both of the titles in the Emissaries series!
    One of my favorite series of yours that I read as a teen is the Legacies of the Ancient river trilogy about Joseph. I still have all three first editions!

  11. Sandralena

    I just finished “Judah’s Wife.” What an interesting time period. I’d never read the book of Macabees. I knew it was part of my Catholic Bible. I thought protestants didn’t read this book because it it says “it’s a good thing to pray for the dead” (proof of the belief of purgatory in the Bible).

    • Angie

      Those books of the apocrypha aren’t in Protestant Bibles because there is no evidence that they are inspired Scripture. Historical, yes, no doubt. But they were never quoted by Jesus or the apostles with phrases like, “Thus saith the Lord . . .”

  12. Lisa Harness

    The last one


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