Some books spring into the mind from out of the blue, and some, like this, are structured into a series.  Since I had already decided Bathsheba_Designthat the second book would be Bathsheba–a woman who’s beauty clearly got her into trouble–then the idea was simple–tell her story as truthfully and honestly as I could.

In the book’s author’s note, I explain that I was quite taken aback when I mentioned Bathsheba on my blog (yes, right here), and right away people jumped on her as if she were the guilty party in the situation with David. I was stunned, frankly.  I have never thought that she was guilty–and didn’t David confess his guilt in the sin of rape? But how could I convince legions of readers who have been so enamored with David that they can’t even begin to think of him being guilty of something as heinous as rape?

I needed proof–or, at least a logical reason for insisting on Bathsheba’s innocence.  And I found it in Scripture, naturally.  🙂

Tomorrow: the research


P.S.  This month also brings the release of STREET GOD, a book I worked on with Dimas Salaberrios.  He was on Fox News yesterday morning, and you can see his amazing interview here:  







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