A little bit of news for you, and my very best wishes for a wonderful new year!

First, we had a wonderful time discussing STAR OF WONDER in the “Prepare Your Heart for Christmas” Facebook group! More than 250 folks joined us to read the daily devotion and then add questions, thoughts, and insights to the material. We had such a good time that several group members asked for a record of the experience, so I put together a book, available on Amazon, that includes our posts and comments. It’s pictured above, so if you missed the discussion, you can enjoy it any time you like! The book is called (naturally) Prepare Your Heart . . . for Christmas!

AND, if you’d like get a copy of Star of Wonder at a greatly reduced price for next year, I believe it’s still nearly half price. Here’s your chance!

If you’re interested in writing, two bits of news on that front. First, I’ve just published WRITING DIALOGUE, a simple lesson on how to write better dialogue in fiction.

And the compilation volume of the first ten lessons, Writing Lessons from the Front, now has a lovely new cover. Once I get a few more lessons done, I’ll do a second compilation volume.


My publisher was kind enough to let me know they had a set of the FOUR Jerusalem Road books sitting in the office (the fourth wouldn’t fit in the photo). So we’re giving them away to the winner of the Rafflecopter. Be sure to enter quickly! Contest ends on January 31.

Just after the turn of the new year, I handed in the third and final book of the Emissaries series, THE DAUGHTER OF ROME. It’s going through the editing and design process now, but the second book, THE SISTERS OF CORINTH, will release on May 21. I’m excited to continue the adventure of the Gentiles who followed Jesus after Paul’s teaching. It’s available for preordering now.

And one more thing before I let you go–some writer friends and I were talking about how we could encourage up-and-coming writers . . . so we put together this collection of true stories about our first writing efforts–and what became of them. (Hint: not all of them were published. Some were learning experiences.) If you’re interested in reading these very different stories, the book is called MY FIRST NOVEL–AND WHAT BECAME OF IT. Enjoy!

Please let me know how you’re doing. I love hearing from you and deeply appreciate your interest in my work. Until next time, stay warm and be blessed!



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