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Musings on Menopause, or How Little Control We Have over our Lives

I believe

I’m really not blogging these days–too much going on in the thing called LIFE–but every once in a while I start ruminating on something, then I begin to write in my head, and before long I just HAVE to get it out. So here goes. Because I am one of those very regular, very ordinary…

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Angie Has an Angioplasty (sounds like a kid’s book, doesn’t it?)

Ruby Heart

Tomorrow I’m having an angioplasty–no, not because of cholesterol.  Apparently I might have a rare genetic condition called fibromuscular dysplasia, which means that hormones have been ticking some buttons that cause “webbing” to form in my arteries. This slows blood flow through my arteries, which tell my adrenals to pump up the heart volume, which cause…

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The Inheritance: a short story

In 1860, in Charleston, South Carolina, young Samuel Chase learned that he had inherited the estate of his great Uncle Vance. He rose early the next morning to visit his uncle’s representative, another lawyer who worked out an office on the other side of town. Charles Caldwell, Esq., welcomed young Chase and asked him to…

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