Tomorrow I’m having an angioplasty–no, not because of cholesterol.  Apparently I might have a rare genetic condition called fibromuscular dysplasia, which means that hormones have been ticking some buttons that cause “webbing” to form in my arteries. This slows blood flow through my arteries, which tell my adrenals to pump up the heart volume, which cause my blood pressure to rise to some pretty impressive highs–I’ve seen 212/113 before, and 182/110 at Glen Eyrie.  and 182 over something when I broke my foot.  And it might be responsible for occasional bouts of lightheadedness that go back to my late teen years, and ischemic colitis more recently.

Ah, like the Bible says, the life is in the blood.


Ruby Heart
Anyway–I like my doctor very much and am looking forward to a nice drug-induced sleep.  The hospital called this morning to ask all those important questions like “do you have a living will?” and “are you allergic to any medications?” and “are you a smoker?”   (yes, no, and no.)  And then the lady asked, “Do you sill have those big dogs?” and “Why don’t you sing in church any more?”  and “Are you still writing books?”

I laughed.  “Are those questions on the form?”

No, she said, but her kids had been in my husband’s middle school group, so she knew all about us.  And I smiled, because that’s one of the really nice things about putting down deep roots in a community.

So if you think of it tomorrow, I’d appreciate your prayers.  I hope they can “balloon” all the webbings away so my poor heart won’t have to beat so hard any more.  And know that I will be awake until the last minute, making lots of mental notes for use in a possible book sometime soon.

Thank you!



  1. Angie Arndt

    Praying that the Lord will guide that little balloon to all the right places and that all the right things will happen during the procedure. Also praying that the recovery will be nice and uneventful.


  2. Megan DiMaria

    Praying for a good result and lots of research gathering.

  3. Barbara M.

    Already praying for you! Now I know why you’ve been on my mind for two days. I realize you have alot going on, but would it be possible to get your email address so I can send you a personal message? I don’t use Facebook so I can’t contact you that way.

    Praying for a smooth day tomorrow and an easy recovery.

    • Angie

      Barbara, you can always email me directly through the “contact” tab on my website. It sends messages straight to my inbox. 🙂 Thank you for your prayers!

  4. Patti D.

    Prayers for a successful procedure and God’s peace for you and your family as you go through this time. Thank you for sharing in your usual informative, entertaining way!

  5. Rachel Miller

    Oh no! Praying for you and your doctors, so everything goes well. We want to see that book!

  6. Jan Hall

    Father please be with Angie, her doctors and nurses as she undergoes this procedure. Calm her thoughts and fears. Surround her with your peace, healing and love. Amen

  7. Cheri L.

    Praying for you Angie.

  8. Sherry Wilt

    Hey Angie,

    I sure will pray for you and the medical professionals who attend you. Well, you certainly have kept the doctors busy of late! Hope the roto rooter goes well and you are once again performing at your peak levels. Perhaps you can sing us a song too! You do have a beautiful voice – so that’s at least 2 of us who want to hear you again – i suspect even more if we ran a pole. LOL

  9. Sheila Bagg

    Praying for complete success and healing for my favorite author EVER!

  10. Sandi Ansell

    Praying for a complete and awesome recovery. You are special to my heart…and I know that God will take care of yours. Hugs

  11. Donna Leake

    I’m praying that all goes exceedingly well and you have a quick and complete recovery. May our Lord minister His peace to you, as well!

  12. Linda Rogers

    Dear Angie,
    I pray that the Great Healer will guide your docs and all who treat you during the procedure, so that you have a rapid and good recovery.

  13. Marjorie Hill

    I pray that the Lord Jesus give you His Peace as He guides this procedure. Blessings for a rapid recovery.

  14. Kathy Cassel

    God bless. Hope they are able to fix you right up. Thought of you today when one of my friends put on fb she was stuck in an elevator. If the women in your book had that ability, it might have been a whole different story 🙂

  15. Bev Schwind

    Prayers are with you,every since Florida Christian Writers, you are a favorite!

  16. Linda Gordon

    Praying for you and Gary. I also passed the word on to the Heavenly Dazers. You know what great prayer warriors they are!

  17. Mrs. Ruth Hennick

    I had Angioplasty done when I was 48 yrs old. & had 2 stents into my heart. & I had it done when I was 49 yrsold & 3 stents put into my heart. I am now 53 yrs old. Ur New loyal fan Mrs. Ruth Hennick I will be praying for U that all goes well.

  18. Sally

    I’m praying, Angie, and trusting that God will keep you healthy for many years.


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