Sit. Stay. Forever.

Sit. Stay. Forever.

Dedicated to the ones who love us nearly as much as God does . . . our dogs.


Dogs do speak. But only to those who know how to listen

This little book came to me in a flash while I was vacuuming. When I began to weep, I shut off the vacuum and hurried to my computer, where I typed out a draft of the work that became Sit. Stay. Forever.  I posted a copy to my Facebook page, and when the reaction of readers equalled my own, I knew I had to publish those verses as a book.

Sometimes small books can have the biggest emotional impact, because the emotion isn't in the words, it's in the heart of the reader. The words and illustrations on the page remind us of the precious relationships in our lives and bring us back to an awareness of and appreciation for those beloved friends.

Sit. Stay. Forever is the perfect book for anyone who loves dogs. The hardback comes with a dust jacket and makes a wonderful gift for dog lovers. There's even a page for the recipient to paste a picture of their beloved canine.

Sit. Stay. Forever reminds readers that this world was never intended to last forever. The Word of God tells us that a new heaven and new earth are coming, new creations that will be populated with animals and believers. I believe our loving God may well allow our beloved pets to be with us on that new earth and in the new heaven. After all, Jesus comes back to earth on a white horse, so heaven definitely has a stable! (Rev. 6:2).

Rescue groups who would like to buy the book wholesale and use for fund-raising efforts, please contact the author.

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