Sit. Stay. Forever.

Sit. Stay. Forever.

Dedicated to the ones who love us nearly as much as God does . . . our dogs.


Dogs do speak. But only to those who know how to listen

This little book came to me in a flash while I was vacuuming. When I began to weep, I shut off the vacuum and hurried to my computer, where I typed out a draft of the work that became Sit. Stay. Forever.  I posted a copy to my Facebook page, and when the reaction of readers equalled my own, I knew I had to publish those verses as a book.

Sometimes small books can have the biggest emotional impact, because the emotion isn't in the words, it's in the heart of the reader. The words and illustrations on the page remind us of the precious relationships in our lives and bring us back to an awareness of and appreciation for those beloved friends.

Sit. Stay. Forever is the perfect book for anyone who loves dogs. The hardback comes with a dust jacket and makes a wonderful gift for dog lovers. There's even a page for the recipient to paste a picture of their beloved canine.

Sit. Stay. Forever reminds readers that this world was never intended to last forever. The Word of God tells us that a new heaven and new earth are coming, new creations that will be populated with animals and believers. I believe our loving God may well allow our beloved pets to be with us on that new earth and in the new heaven. After all, Jesus comes back to earth on a white horse, so heaven definitely has a stable! (Rev. 6:2).

Rescue groups who would like to buy the book wholesale and use for fund-raising efforts, please contact the author.



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About the Book

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Genre: Non-Fiction
Tags: animals, shelter animals
Publisher: Hunt Haven Press
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781735604008
List Price: 14.99
I will not waste words, just like the author Angela Hunt. Beautifully written and illustrated book. Probably the smallest one I have ever read and it impacted me maybe the most. I devoured this book with my 14 year old dog on my lap, crying like a baby. Thank you Hunt Haven Press for allowing me the privilege to read and review this treasure, I am so glad I did not miss this one.
– Sandra Burson
Sit. Stay. Forever. will set your tail wagging! This is probably the shortest book I've ever read, but yet it truly had such a profound impact on me. The illustrations were beautiful and sweet; the words were incredibly affecting. I teared up reading the last few pages. The author managed to get her message across clearly in so few words. That is the hallmark of a good writer: when they can say so much with so few words. I loved the section at the beginning of the book where you can add your dog's picture, so essentially it becomes a story about your own dog and their life story, and your life with them. We are lucky to have dogs. Sometimes I don't even know if we deserve them, but I'm grateful for them just the same. Anyone who loves dogs will love this influential little book.
– Katie Spencer
An amazing book done on a tough topic! It reminds me of a dog version of “I’ll Love You Forever”. All aspects of the dog that were conferred ring incredibly true. Angela Hunt covers all topics in a tactful, heart felt manner. Even as I type this review now, I have my son’s little dog in my lap with those big, trusting eyes.
– Melinda Staley
This book is small and sometimes the nicest gifts come in the smallest packages. This book is for any dog lover, the illustrations and the verses are a reminder of how precious life can be and how much of an impact your dog can have on you. Being a dog lover, we do listen to our dogs, and the book reminds us there is a time for everything. Short but oh so powerful.
– Joan Wright
Even as I write this review of Angela Hunt's newest book, Sit. Stay. Forever. There is a catch in my throat, and the burning of tears making their way to my eyes. This sweet little book reminds the reader -- young and old, alike -- that God's creatures can make a difference in our life. As I read, I thought of our daughter's dear Chihuahua, Paco. And, if you're a long-time dog owner, those memories will surface for you, I'm sure. It's not about being sad, it's about honoring our stewardship of these sweet creatures given to us. To learn from their joy, unconditional love, and loyalty. Each day. I highly recommend this book.
– Terri Gillespie
A touchingly sweet reminder of the special joy animals bring and the deep loss experienced when they are gone. I really appreciated how the love animals express in their eyes and expressions is so clearly illustrated in this book. It is a short, but movingly powerful reminder of the bond between people and beloved pets. Thanks to the author for sharing her heart in this story.
– Brandi Rawlins
What a beautiful book!! It follows a dog from puppyhood to old age. This would be a perfect gift for anyone who has loved and lost a furbaby.
– Ann Ferri
I am not a dog owner. That being said, I want to commend the author on doing such a beautiful job so that even a non-dog owner was touched by this book. The wording is simple but relatable. The illustrations are beautifully done. Along with buying it for yourself, consider this as one of those special gifts for which a dog owner will love and thank you.
– Evalina Irish-Spencer
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