When God Happens

When God Happens

Collected true stories about the God who is still working miracles today

Miracles still happen. The God who parted the Red Sea and raised people from the dead is no different today than he was in Bible times.

Best-selling authors Angela Hunt and Bill Myers have brought together a collection of true and powerful stories of God’s miraculous power at work today. Miracles that defy logic. Miracles that happen to everyday people just like you. Miracles by a God who refuses to be bound by natural laws or human reasoning.

These true accounts provide encouragement to Believers and food for thought to the skeptic. They challenge us to turn to and trust in a God who has our best interests in mind. Physical healing with no medical explanation, angelic visits, and supernatural protection are only a few of the themes covered in Volume One of When God Happens.

To read more about When God Happens, or to tell us about a miracle story of your own, visit WhenGodHappens.com. 

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About the Book

When God Happens is brought to you by Regnery Faith in association with Amaris Media and Wordserve Literary. Curated by authors Bill Myers and Angela Hunt, When God Happens, True Stories of Modern Day Miracles, is the first book in a series of books and other media projects that share real life stories from people all over the world that have experienced God working in extraordinary ways in their lives.

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A sampling of each story in volume one is available here

Volume 2 is available for preorder here!

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Genres: Collaborations, Compilations, Non-Fiction
ISBN: 1621577139
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