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BOM: Delilah Q&A

I believe

Thanks for the questions!  Photo:  We’re in the middle of a tropical storm right now, so I AM praying for flowers . . . June 7th:  Delilah’s official release date!   Sioux asked: My question is, as a fledgling author myself, I often find myself researching unusual topics. What was the strangest thing you had…

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BOM: Delilah, Reaction and Reviews


As I write this, Delilah hasn’t been officially released, though reader review copies have gone out. And so I’m happy to report that so far, the reviews for Delilah have made me very happy. I read reviews, not to feel pumped up, but to see if I’m reaching my goals–if readers are catching the theme…

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BOM: The Writing of DELILAH


I keep a ten-year journal–I’ve done it for 18 years.  I can only write a few lines on each page, but it’s enough to remind me of where I was at that point in each year. The other day–May 11, to be exact–I read the entry from May 11, 2015: Worked VERY hard to finish…

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BOM: The Research


When writing about ancient times, a writer must do a lot of research on daily life–how did people travel? Cook? Make clothing? Work?  What were the social circumstances? What was the status of women? What gods were worshipped, and by whom? In writing DELILAH, I faced one unique challenge–from the Scriptures, we know she existed.…

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BOM: The editing (Bathsheba)


David Long, my editor at Bethany, did the substantive edit on this book, and my agent offered input, too.  My biggest problem (and have I ever mentioned how important it is to have other people give you their perspective?) was that Bathsheba’s story spanned at least 20 years, but all the action happened at the…

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Bom: The Writing (Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty)

writing on bus

Writing Bathsheba was a bit of a challenge because of the middle. Photo: writing in college.  🙂 Most novelists struggle with the “sagging middle” in the best of circumstances because it’s easy to let the tension level fall.  In Bathsheba, however, there WAS NO MIDDLE for me to write about–Scripture introduces her to us, then…

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