Thanks for the questions!  Photo:  We’re in the middle of a tropical storm right now, so I AM praying for flowers . . .

June 7th:  Delilah’s official release date!  

I believeSioux asked:

My question is, as a fledgling author myself, I often find myself researching unusual topics. What was the strangest thing you had to research for Delilah?

Probably . . . how to grow flax. How to prepare flax. How to spin flax. And how ancient people accomplished weaving.  Fortunately, there are a lot of people who are into homesteading and natural fabrics and foods on the Internet, so I was able to find what I needed.  The challenge, of course, is taking that how-to material and incorporating it into a story without it sounding like how-to material.  🙂

Kathy asked:
What is your most accurate source of information for research on biblical times?

There’s not just one, Kathy–I could never rely on just one source because biblical “experts” disagree with each other all the time, especially about ancient civilizations (And most of them are quite dogmatic about their positions).  I always read several souces and then try to pretzel them together into a cohesive picture, then apply common sense and logic.  The only book I leave quite alone is the Bible, but it leaves great holes that could be fleshed out in myriad ways . . .

Thanks for coming along on this book-of-the-mouth journey!  Happy reading!


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