The Deadly Chase: Colonial Captives, Book 2

The Deadly Chase: Colonial Captives, Book 2

Series: Colonial Captives Series
Genre: Youth & Children's Fiction
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Year: 2000
ISBN: 9781735604060

In 1627 a shipload of children makes its way to the colony of Jamestown. The children are not passengers, but cargo to be sold into servitude. Only two people are not destined for this fate--Kimberly Hollis and her mother, who are sailing to America to join Kimberly's father. The voyage won't be easy. Not only is the main hold dirty and crowded with homeless children, but in this adventure the crew of the Seven Brothers must battle a vicious pirate seeking revenge. Kimberly and the captives must rely on each other and God to make it safely to the New World.

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About the Book

Two weeks into their journey to America, the captives aboard the Seven Brothers meet up with a whaling ship. Abigail tries to stop the whalers from hurting her new friends, but after the whalers depart, the ship becomes stranded in a dense fog. Ethan blames himself and tries to keep the Jewish laws to make God happy and end the curse. His rituals though, lead him to consider the prospet that Kimberly’s Jesus is the awaited Messiah.

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