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Work in progress–impressions, please.

I am hard at work on my latest book in THE SILENT YEARS series.  As you probably know, I place GREAT importance on the first sentence and first scene in a novel, and I would like to run this one by you. I need to know if: *would you keep reading? *does it raise questions…

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Sample from “Judah’s Wife,” the work-in-progress


Okay–here’s the opening to my work-in-progress.  I’d love to hear your initial impressions.   Judah’s Wife  Back cover copy: One hundred sixty-eight years before the common era, a girl grows up in the household of a hard, cruel father. Seeking peace and safety, she marries Judah, a big man, strong and gentle, and for the…

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Call the Midwife!


Yesterday I was exhausted after work.  I’d delivered a breech baby, you see, under threat of being beaten to death, and it was quite the ordeal.  Plus, it was my first attempt at being a professional midwife. Not in real life, of course.  In my current work-in-progress. If you’d like to read the scene, I’d…

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A peek at the WIP–your impressions, please?


I’m finding it hard to focus today–I keep thinking of the family whose two-year-old boy was snatched by a gator last night at Disney.  We Floridians are used to gators, and we know to beware of them, especially after dark. But this family is from Nebraska, and one wouldn’t expect a gator to be lurking…

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Welcome to the Party OR Starting a New Novel


Starting a new novel is like going to a party where you don’t know anyone, no one wants to talk to you, and you’re not really sure what you’re doing there. There are people–characters–who look at you and dare you to shake them up. You don’t really know them, so you approach hesitantly, if at…

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David as the Godfather


So yesterday I was finishing up my second draft of the Bathsheba story. And I came to the scene where David called Solomon to his bedside to charge him with various “after I’m gone” tasks.  And as I read through 1 Kings chapter 2, I couldn’t help chuckling, because in my mind I kept seeing…

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