The King’s Shadow

The King’s Shadow

Two women in Herod's court--where no one is trustworthy and no one is safe.

Two women occupy a place in Herod’s court: the first, Salome, is the king’s only sister, a resentful woman who has been told she is from an inferior race, a people God will never accept.

The second woman, Zara, is a lowly handmaid who serves Salome, but where Salome spies conspiracies and treachery, Zara sees people in need of understanding and compassion.

The powerful and the powerless, the Idumean and the Jew, the selfish and the selfless—both women struggle to reach their goals and survive in Herod the Great’s tumultuous court, where no one is trustworthy and no one is safe.  Now available for pre-ordering!

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The fourth and final book in The Silent Years series.

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