Egypt’s Sister

Egypt’s Sister

Authors: ,
Series: The Silent Years, Book 1
Genre: Historical Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 384 pages
ASIN: 0764219324
ISBN: 0764219324

Five decades before the birth of Christ, Chava, daughter of the royal tutor, grows up with Urbi, a princess in Alexandria’s royal palace. When Urbi becomes Queen Cleopatra, Chava vows to be a faithful friend no matter what—but after she and Cleopatra have an argument, she finds herself imprisoned and sold into slavery. Torn from her family, her community, and her elevated position in Alexandrian society, Chava finds herself cast off and alone in Rome, where she struggles to trust a promise from HaShem. After experiencing the best and worst of Roman society, Chava must choose between love and honor, between her own desires and Adonai’s will for her life.

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About the Book

“Once again, Hunt demonstrates her stunning mastery of historical biblical literature as she begins her new Silent Years series. . . . Hunt crafts a deeply layered portrait of Cleopatra and the precarious political territory the queen had to tread. This fresh approach brings a faith-based perspective to the tension and complexity of the Intertestamental Period. Rich in history, atmosphere, emotion, and spirituality, Hunt’s ambitious series debut is astounding.”Booklist starred review

“The historical detail, depth of characterization and hopeful outlook of this story will keep readers entertained and inspired while learning more about the historical figures and Biblical history from this era.”RT Book Reviews

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