Work in progress–impressions, please.

I am hard at work on my latest book in THE SILENT YEARS series.  As you probably know, I place GREAT importance on the first sentence and first scene in a novel, and I would like to run this one by you. I need to know if: *would you keep reading? *does it raise questions…

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Write a Great Book . . . with help from Angela Hunt

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After writing and publishing more than 140 books, Angela Hunt has developed a video course that will improve your writing and set you on the path to publication. Any writer, even already-published writers, can benefit from her lessons on plotting, characterization, self-editing, and evoking emotion. This course, which includes video, printed material, and worksheets, is…

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Sample from “Judah’s Wife,” the work-in-progress


Okay–here’s the opening to my work-in-progress.  I’d love to hear your initial impressions.   Judah’s Wife  Back cover copy: One hundred sixty-eight years before the common era, a girl grows up in the household of a hard, cruel father. Seeking peace and safety, she marries Judah, a big man, strong and gentle, and for the…

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Time is Running Out . . .

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I am getting excited about the “Write a Great Book Event” presented by yours truly in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida on February 11-12, 2017. We have people coming from all over the country! For more information, and to reserve your seat, visit  We’ll save you a seat!   ~~Angie  

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Musings on Menopause, or How Little Control We Have over our Lives

I believe

I’m really not blogging these days–too much going on in the thing called LIFE–but every once in a while I start ruminating on something, then I begin to write in my head, and before long I just HAVE to get it out. So here goes. Because I am one of those very regular, very ordinary…

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Call the Midwife!


Yesterday I was exhausted after work.  I’d delivered a breech baby, you see, under threat of being beaten to death, and it was quite the ordeal.  Plus, it was my first attempt at being a professional midwife. Not in real life, of course.  In my current work-in-progress. If you’d like to read the scene, I’d…

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