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National Novel Writing Month

It’s November!  And whether you’re a professional writer or someone who writes for the love of it, a LOT of people sit down at the computer in November to crank out a novel. To honor these brave and determined souls, a couple of years ago some  girlfriends and I put together the following video .…

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Writing about Writing

Woman Thinking

For years, people in my classes at writers’ conferences have been asking me to write a book about writing.  It is something I’ve always intended to do, but I never seemed to have the time to sit down and plan out an entire book about writing–after all, there are SO MANY writing books on the…

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Writing Work Habits, by request

Praying at Computer

So you want to write? To borrow a phrase from a popular shoe company, just do it. But make sure you look at your life and set realistic goals first. Consider your family. I prayed so long and worked so long to have kids that I didn’t want to give up one minute with them until I…

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