New Online Writing Course by Angela Hunt

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After writing 140 books over thirty years, Angela Hunt has developed a course that will improve your writing and set you on the path to publication. Any writer, even already-published writers, can benefit from her lessons on plotting, characterization, self-editing, and evoking emotion. This course, which includes video, printed material, and worksheets, is a tool…

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Sample from “Judah’s Wife,” the work-in-progress


Okay–here’s the opening to my work-in-progress.  I’d love to hear your initial impressions.   Judah’s Wife  Back cover copy: One hundred sixty-eight years before the common era, a girl grows up in the household of a hard, cruel father. Seeking peace and safety, she marries Judah, a big man, strong and gentle, and for the…

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Time is Running Out . . .

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I am getting excited about the “Write a Great Book Event” presented by yours truly in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida on February 11-12, 2017. We have people coming from all over the country! For more information, and to reserve your seat, visit  We’ll save you a seat!   ~~Angie  

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Musings on Menopause, or How Little Control We Have over our Lives

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I’m really not blogging these days–too much going on in the thing called LIFE–but every once in a while I start ruminating on something, then I begin to write in my head, and before long I just HAVE to get it out. So here goes. Because I am one of those very regular, very ordinary…

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Call the Midwife!


Yesterday I was exhausted after work.  I’d delivered a breech baby, you see, under threat of being beaten to death, and it was quite the ordeal.  Plus, it was my first attempt at being a professional midwife. Not in real life, of course.  In my current work-in-progress. If you’d like to read the scene, I’d…

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A peek at the WIP–your impressions, please?


I’m finding it hard to focus today–I keep thinking of the family whose two-year-old boy was snatched by a gator last night at Disney.  We Floridians are used to gators, and we know to beware of them, especially after dark. But this family is from Nebraska, and one wouldn’t expect a gator to be lurking…

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