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And if you’ve never been on my site before, it’s nice to meet you!  I’m Angela Hunt (Angie to everyone but telephone solicitors) and I’ve been writing for over thirty years. Like Lisa in the first stop, I write in many different genres–children’s books, nonfiction, and fiction: historical fiction, contemporary fiction, and a few that fall between the cracks.

But I’m here to tell you about King’s Shadow, my latest release. It is the fourth book in The Silent Years series, which all take place in the Intertestamental Period–the 400 years between the Old and New Testaments. I wanted to write about this period because I knew next-to-nothing about it, and boy, is it fascinating! King’s Shadow is about Herod the Great, whose story takes us right up to the birth of Christ.

As a historical novelist, I have learned that no one is completely bad or completely good–with the exception of Jesus, of course. Herod is thought of as a mad murderer, and he was, but he was also a brilliant builder. You may have heard of Masada, that mountaintop fortress in the Holy Land. I had an occasion to visit the ruins of Herod’s palace at Masada while I was in college, and I remember standing in awe as our guide pointed out some beautifully inlaid tiles. “That was Herod’s bath,” the guide said.

Elevated view of cracked mosaic floor, Masada

I walked down to it, my imagination racing at the thought of standing where Herod once bathed . . . history felt real, almost as if I could reach through the years and touch the water that once flowed over that king’s skin. In the U.S., a country not even 250 years old, we don’t have an ancient history, and I wasn’t used to thinking in terms of thousands of years . . .

Here’s the synopsis of King’s Shadow: Two women occupy a place in Herod’s court. The first, Salome, is the king’s only sister, a resentful woman who has been told she is from an inferior race, a people God will never accept or approve. 

The second woman, Zara, is a lowly handmaid who serves Salome, but where Salome spies conspiracies and treachery, Zara sees hurting people in need of understanding and compassion. 

Powerful and powerless, Idumean and Jew, selfish and selfless–both women struggle to reach their goals and survive in Herod the Great’s tumultuous court, where no one is trustworthy and no one is safe.

I hope you’ll enjoy the story, where Herod once again comes alive . . . but, thankfully, I didn’t have to mention his bathtub.


If you’re interested, you can order King’s Shadow on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD, or at your local bookstore. 

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  1. Mimi

    I have loved your Silent Years series!! I think one of my favorite books of yours is still Unspoken.

    • Angie

      I have to confess–UNSPOKEN is one of my favorites, too!


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