Every book needs to be edited–no exceptions.  Dave Long is my most excellent editor on this series, and honestly, the thing I remember most is this:  When Delilah is feeling threatened by an enemy from her past, Dave wrote, “Why doesn’t she just send Samson to kill him?”

editor.0LOL!  Sometimes the most obvious things . . . aren’t the most obvious.  Which made me think a lot about how God empowered Samson to do his mighty deeds.  We are never told that Samson faced a hail of arrows or spears, though I’m sure someone tried to take a shot at him, so clearly God protected him.  But he was vulnerable, too, especially while he slept (which is why Delilah made him sleep before she cut off his hair).  So I had to think carefully about why I couldn’t simply send Samson to kill the man.

But all in all, the editing was pretty painless–either that, or I’ve forgotten all of it.  🙂   But I am always grateful for yet another opportunity to go through a book, especially after it’s been off my desk for a few weeks.  My eyes are fresher, and since I tend to write in layers, I can always add in more details and thoughts and reflections on a theme.  The process works very well for me, and I’m so grateful for insightful editors like Dave.

Tomorrow: Reader reaction and reviews



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