Passing Strangers contest FRONT coverThis morning I heard from our last short story judge, and I am happy to announce the top six winners, all of whom will have their stories included in Stories from Passing Strangers: Sharing a moment can forever change a life. 

Our top-scoring winner was Garry Hojan, whose story of being a homeless kid on the street moved hearts. Other winners included Melody Morgan, who wrote of the stranger who gave her son a heart transplant; Crystal Thieringer, who wrote beautiful (and humorously) of how a stranger helped her through a trial in her college days; Catherine Mulholland, who wrote of how a stranger helped her and her family through a dark time in her childhood; Terri Gillespie, who wrote of how a passing stranger helped her realize the depth of commitment required when we pray for others; and Kay Mills, who wrote of how a stranger in a hospital became a friend.

The published collection should be available on Amazon within a few days. You can order it here. 

Thanks to all who entered!  And if you didn’t enter, I hope you will consider writing something the next time an opportunity knocks.  😉




  1. Terri Gillespie

    Thanks for this opportunity, Angie. Looking forward to reading these stories.

  2. Melody Morgan

    I am so looking forward to reading this book! So thankful for this opportunity!
    Kind regards,

  3. Kay Haggart Mills

    So grateful for this opportunity to share my story – It touched my heart, I’m hoping it will touch others as well.


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