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Do you love audio books?  Or have you never tried one?  If you haven’t listened to an audio book, here’s your chance to gain a new experience for free!

Passing Strangers final front cover as Smart Object-1

Just click on the link above that says “a rafflecopter giveaway” and follow the few instructions.  The more items you click off, the greater  your chances of winning!  Enjoy!

In mid-August, the Raffle machine will choose five winners and I’ll email their coupon codes for a free book.  Nothing could be more simple.




~~The contest begins tomorrow.  

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  1. Cynthia Evans

    I do not think I can listen to a book, except if I am maybe driving!

    I had a serious accident as a child and spent many weeks in bed. The hospital rented me some prism glasses so I could continue to read while resting in bed! I love reading. I read The Novelist and The Offering in THREE days!


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