When I mentioned the re-release of IF I HAD LONG, LONG HAIR on my facebook page, Brenda mentioned a doll she’d had–you pushed the button in her middle and her hair grew.  I knew exactly what she meant, because I had the same doll, and so did Pam.  And it was Pam who came up with her name–TRESSY.

So here’s a trip down memory lane for all of you know had a Tressy doll.  I had one, but her hairdos never looked like the ones in this old commercial!  Enjoy!




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  1. Leslie

    It feels like its been forever since I’ve read your blog (I used to read it daily when you posted daily, but when you stopped; I kinda forgot to keep checking back).

    Anyway – I was thinking of you the other day. Based on a recommendation from a friend I bought Orphan Black (a new tv series) on DVD. I have the feeling you would enjoy it if you haven’t seen it yet.


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