So this was the week that my husband and son went off to middle school camp. Which meant that I had to babysit my son’s dog as well as my own two big babies.  And my daughter got a full time job, yea!, so I was also babysitting the grandest baby.

I’m fine with all of the above, but was wondering how to get into a groove that would allow me to get some work done.  We survived the week fairly well, and last night, after eating a light supper and feeding the baby, I thought I’d take one of my mastiffs for a quick walk around the block before my daughter got home.

We were about halfway around the big block when a neighbor pulled up and we chatted for a few minutes.  As I was saying goodbye, I stepped backward and caught the side of my foot in a crack between the sidewalk and a sewer manhole cover.  Down I went, landing mostly on my hip, and fortunately, I have plenty of padding. My neighbor immediately offered to help by giving me, the dog, and the baby a ride home, but I didn’t want to put my big, slobbery pooch into her car.

So I told her I was fine and we all walked the fifty yards or so to the park.  Once there, the grandbaby went to the slide and the dog and I sat down to catch our breath.

The baby climbed to the top of a big slide and lost her nerve. She was about to try to climb down facing outward, but I yelled and told her to stop, that wasn’t safe. I urged her to go on down the slide, but she refused. When I tried to get up go to get her, I discovered that could barely get up–and once I did, I couldn’t walk.  Ouch!

So I had to sit back down. I sat there in the grass as the baby screamed and my foot gradually got  puffy. I didn’t have a cell phone and I realized that I couldn’t walk home.  Well, I suppose I could have, but the dog would have pulled me off my feet and I might have been dragged the rest of the way around the block (she’s VERY strong).

So I sat in the grass and waited for someone  to come by. I knew my daughter was coming home from work, but she was later than usual.  A couple of people drove by and I waved, but they just waved back and kept driving. LOL–to all the world, I must have looked like I was just sitting with my dog, enjoying the day.

Across the street, a new family was moving into a house.  I finally caught an adult outside and called him over. Then I explained that I was his neighbor, that I lived on the back side of the block, and would he mind going to my house to see if my daughter or my neighbor was home?  He came back without success, but by then my daughter had driven by and I’d flagged her down.  She had to get the baby down from the slide, get the dog in the car (not an easy job), and help me hobble to the car.

We’d been sitting at the park for about 45 minutes. Ha–at one point I thought about lying flat in the grass–maybe someone would have stopped to check out the body in the park.  :-/

Anyway, we ended up at the ER, where the grandbaby charmed everyone and the nicest people in the world took care of me. I like our little neighborhood hospital.  It’s quiet, and though I’ve been in the ER five or six times, I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes or so.

The verdict: a broken metatarsal and blood pressure of 180 plus. But my BP is always fluctuating wildly, so today I have to call the doc and see the orthopedist.

A number of sweet people on my facebook page have remarked that I should use this story in a book–the funny thing is, I already have!  In FIVE MILES SOUTH OF PECULIAR, Darlene falls into a hole and breaks her foot, then has to hobble around and manage the bath and shower on crutches.  Life was imitating art last night as my daughter got me settled in my bed with my dogs and my electronics spread all around me.

And the hubby comes home today.  Thank the Lord for that, and for my daughter, and for neighbors who came over last night to help.  Right now my across-the-street neighbor, Henry, is the only person around here besides me who can handle my dogs, so that’s a blessing.

I never knew how exhausting crutches could be!  This morning I walked to the kitchen to try to feed the dogs, and I was worn out and panting by the time I got back to my room. My hat is off to anyone who has to use them for any length of time.

So, reporting from the bed where I hope I won’t go crazy, I am . . . .

Angie the Clumsy 1010325_561606943880391_1684469460_n-1


  1. Stephanie Rodda

    Bless your heart! And your foot.
    PS – always keep your cell phone with you.

  2. Carrie Turansky

    HI Angie, I am so sorry about your foot! I left a comment on Facebook, but you had such a long list of comments, I’m not sure you saw it. I am just recovering from a broken foot and ankle. That happened about 7 weeks ago. I also injured my arm, so I couldn’t use crutches. So my doctor recommended I use a knee scooter. That was really helpful and it allowed me to get around the house on my own. My insurance would have covered most of the cost of renting it, but we were able to borrow it from a friend. I used a rolling chair in my kitchen and removed all the small rugs in the bathroom and kitchen. We borrowed a transport chair, which is a foldable wheel chair that someone else pushes. It’s very light weight compared to a regular wheelchair, so easier to take along to church or wherever. It is tough to be off your feet for that long! I am just starting PT this week. I hope some of those ideas will help you. Blessings, Carrie

    • Angie

      Thanks for the ideas and the commiseration, Carrie! I’ve already ordered one of those knee wheelies, so it should be here early next week. What a long recovery for such a little thing! I can’t imagine hurting my arm, too, like you did.

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you’re so much better!


  3. Kathy Cassel

    Sorry to hear this happened to you. I don’t normally carry a cell phone, but maybe I should just in case!

  4. lori parris

    Oh Angie! I was reading your story aloud to my sister and just the visual of you trying to wave help down was almost too much to bear. I can just imagine everyone at which you were waving thinking, “what a friendly lady, I wish everyone was like her!”
    We howled with laughter when you mentioned lying down in the grass!
    I broke my ankle while camping a few years ago in Tenn and had to wait until the next day for medical attention. Even then after 3 hrs of waiting to have an xray, I was then told they didn’t have anyone to read the results. They gave me a prescription for crutches and we had to drive the roads to find the medical supply store. When I asked for assistance on how to use the crutches I was told they didn’t know how. The little hospital had put the xray on a DVD and I brought it back to Florida where an ortho put my leg in an aircast. No more crutches!
    Some strangers in a Cracker Barrel actually were the best help with the crutches! “Don’t put your weight in your armpits,” they said.
    I wish you the best, fastest and most possible comfortable recovery.

    • Angie

      You poor thing! I can’t imagine having to wait for help. I probably wouldn’t have even gone to the ER if the foot hadn’t swelled so quickly and hurt so badly when I tried to walk. But when I’m just sitting here, it’s not too bad. BUt walking on those crutches–especially with two big dogs and a toddler underfoot–is a scary thing. 🙂

      I’m hoping for some kind of boot or cast or something so I can become mobile again, too. I’m really not one for sitting still, nor for taking pain meds. I took one of the pain pills last night, but when my dog woke me up at 1 a.m. because he had to go out, the pills made me so dizzy I could barely manage the crutches to get to the door. So I’d rather stay clear headed and ache a little bit, I think. 🙂

      Thanks for your story! And for the smile!

  5. Mocha with Linda

    Bless your heart! I can just imagine how frustrated you were that sweet Grand Baby crying on the slide and you immobilized. When I broke my foot, I didn’t realize it for several hours, either, until it had swelled and I couldn’t walk. So glad your daughter got home and that she wasn’t gone for an overnight trip!

    Crutches are indeed a pain. Hoping for the walking boot to come soon!

    Get some rest and enjoy a little pampering. It’s good to be Queen. 🙂

  6. Cynthia Bish

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck with the crutches!

  7. Fred Kee

    Sorry to hear about your foot. Monday, I rolled my foot off the end of a speed bump just before putting my weight on it. Three days later, after driving a semi back from California, xrays did not show a fracture, but the treatment was the same. I have a ‘walking boot’ that helps prevent the foot from flexing to speed healing.
    I would like to offer you some advice that I have found helpful, that specifically adresses your situation.
    Tramadol is a prescription pain reliever that does not produce the brain fog typical of narcotic pain relievers. Ask your Dr. about this.
    The supplements MSM, Vitamin C and food grade Diatomaceous Earth are all very helpful for bones and even pain relief, and are very safe with little to no side effects. MSM should be taken with Vitamin C, and you should start slowly and gradually build up to avoid ‘bowel intolerance’, if this does happen, reduce the amount or frequency.
    I take 2 grams of MSM and Vit C in the morning, and more every few hours throughout the day for pain or healing. I also add 2 teaspoons of DE to my oatmeal.
    When you research these, you will be amazed at how important and helpful they are. As well as how they will speed your healing.
    Hope this helps, and I know you will enjoy reading about it.
    I feel your pain!

  8. Angela Wilson

    You poor, dear lady! I’m sitting here with ice on my right ankle, because my Achilles tendon keeps tearing. I have to be patient. I am not patient. I used to be “Superwoman,” so this is difficult. But, God teaches us many lessons along life’s way. Hang in there Angela. ;o)

  9. Janet Vasquez

    Your picture with crutches is adorable. The description of the event which led to the crutches was horrible. I’m so sorry for your pain. Prayers sent up for a speedy recovery!

  10. terrillr

    So sorry for your accident. I broke my ankle a few years back that required surgery. I never could get the hang of the crutches, so I used a walker instead. It didn’t have the wheels or sliders on the bottom, so I could actually put my weight on it as I “hopped” on the good leg. Fortunately for me, a good friend loaned me a wheelchair also, much easier to get around with that. Hope you heal quickly and well. 🙂


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