My sweet husband has promised to help me now that I have a broken foot. So yesterday I asked if he would strip the sheets off the bed and take them to the laundry room, as it was Saturday and house cleaning day.  (Years ago, I had a woman who helped me clean house. She retired at about the same time the

Bed & Rosespublishing business entered a slowdown, and I thought it prudent to begin cleaning my house myself. So much for the glamorous life of a writer.)
After he took care of  that, I went to the long and narrow laundry room to begin washing clothes. I found the sheets–plus a pillow (?)–heaped on the floor, piled so deeply that I couldn’t even get in with my crutches, boot, etc.  Bless the man’s heart. He has a kind spirit, but he doesn’t think like a woman. I’ve known this for thirty-something years, but lately that bit of knowledge has risen to the top of my brain.

So I got the sheets in to the washing machine and went back to the bedroom to put clean sheets on the bed.  The hubster agreed to help, so he stood on one side while I stood on the other. I unfolded the top sheet and let it fall, gracefully, onto the bed, and then made the required square corner at the end. He was reaching for the quilt, but I stopped him–“Did you make a square corner?”

“I don’t know how.”

“It’s easy, I’ll show you.”

“I don’t want to know how.”

I sighed. “I can tell you were never in the military.”

“Well, neither were you.”

“No, but I still know how to make a square corner.”

So I made a square corner on his side, and we got the bed made–still married.  🙂

And as I hopped  through the house on my crutches, I was struck by the fact that some men just don’t SEE things. They don’t see the little bits of plastic on the floor from where the dogs shredded the newspaper bag. They don’t see the two empty glasses on my desk, the dresser, the nightstand.They don’t see the crepe myrtle blossoms littering the foyer, and they haven’t learned how to use the diaper genie we use for poop bag disposal on the back porch.  (My daughter’s brilliant idea.  Trust me, if you live in small yard with big dogs, a diaper genie is a must! That, and lots of plastic grocery bags.)

So today, Sunday, while hubby is off at church with the middle schoolers, I put the big doggies out on the porch and settled in to take my bath. I’m not usually a bath kind of girl–I used to think  our big bathtub was a complete waste because  I’m more accustomed to the shower, where I can be washed and done (and even wash a dog or two) in minutes.

But I figured it was easier to take a bath with a broken foot than to try to stand in the shower, which can be slippery even when you have two good feet.

So today I was resting in the bathtub, foot propped up, and I spied a vase of silk paperwhites (that’s a flower) that has stood beside my bathtub for at least ten years. They’re pretty, but I never give them more than a passing glance as I hurry by. But today I saw them, and spied a layer of dust on the stuff  that’s supposed to look like water. Only with the dust on it, it’s clearly acrylic something-or-other. The silk leaves were dusty, too, but hubby would have no idea how to clean them.

So, feeling like a little girl playing with her dishes in the tub, I grabbed the paperwhites and baptized them in the tub. I figured the mix of bubble bath and Dove soap would do them good. And if a little dust got on me, well, it couldn’t be any worse than my daily dose of dog hair.

So now I have a clean tub and clean silk flowers. Tomorrow I think I’ll turn around and study the big pot of silk pothos at the other end of the tub. They could probably use a good dunking, too.

I’m making steady progress, moving from two crutches to only one, because I can rest the heel of my boot on the floor without much discomfort.  The hubby searched high and low to buy me  knee socks (it’s summertime!), so now I even have a colorful sock beneath my boot.

I suppose that’s why I love him even though he can’t make a square corner.



  1. Carlton

    I must say–I identify with your husband! I do a lot of things around the house, but there are certain things I don’t want to learn! One thing is ironing. Never had a reason to learn, even when I was single. I still don’t mind the wrinkles, though they drive my wife crazy.

  2. Cindy Best

    Men absolutely do not see things! I am amazed at how long something can set on the table without being picked up and thrown out, or taken down the basement where it belongs. Into our 46th year now and it is still the same. However, my hubby WAS in the military and he not only makes square corners but strips the bed and washes the sheets all by himself. So, I pick up what he overlooks and love him to bits and bits for all he does for me 🙂

  3. Linda Gordon

    I broke my right arm in two places last September. My dear husband had to do everything. All I could do was to sit and sleep in a chair. After almost 11 months I almost back to normal.
    I have learned not to complain too much about how he does things. I know that he is trying and I truly appreciate everything he has done to take care of me. It is rather funny how he has come up with his own system of doing things, like the dishes and the laundry. I did have to tell him that there is no need to let the toast cool before putting the butter on it.

    I am learning to really appreciate my husband and being able to do little things for myself. It was very humbling to have to have someone tie my shoes, fix my meals and tuck me into bed after I was able to get into bed.

  4. Nan Rinella

    Oh, Angie, I’m so sorry your broke your foot. Condolences.

    My hubby was in the military and does know how to make a square corner. When we married he was a well-trained AF officer and bachelor. On our 1st day waking in his place after the honeymoon, he wanted to make the bed straight away. I wanted my coffee and said I like to air out the bed.

    Now he tells me I’m responsible for his getting sloppy. I taught him how to procrastinate, he says, a trait he has perfected over 43 years. When he retired a few years ago he decided it was up to him to tell me how to run the household, like pack the dishwasher, etc. This is after decades of not putting a dish in the dishwasher? He was in charge of much, now it’s just me and the 5 cats.

    Men! Yes, Dr. Gray, they are from Mars.

  5. pamela kruis

    This is so funny. We also make the bed together and my husband claimed that a square corner was only my idea of how to make a proper bed. He didn’t want to learn either!

  6. Joyce Wheeler

    I can relate so well. I also broke my foot, had crutches, a boot—etc. And you are right—men do not see things the way women do! Our marriage survived my first broken bone—-and next year we’ll celebrate 50 years of togetherness. It was a learning experience however, and I now know my cowboy has limited nursing ability.

  7. Mocha with Linda

    Loved reading this! The sheets on the laundry room floor where you couldn’t get in the door cracked me up! But he was helping! 🙂

    Cleaning your silk plants while you’re soaking in the tub. I knew you’d find some way to be uber productive while you are convalescing! LOL

    Hoping you continue to mend quickly.

    • sue kotchman

      Sorry you broke your foot or toes, but I love your humor in it all. Get well soon.


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