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I am currently between projects, but I’ve never been busier.  We had the Glen Eyrie conference (and I love those 15 hour days), I had travel, and I was up at six a.m. this morning to do a friend’s radio show and talk about THE OFFERING.

But yesterday I had one of my favorite experiences ever.

We’re in a bit of a drought here . . . we didn’t get our April showers, and we haven’t had much rain since summer officially arrived.  Or rain will fall all around us and miss our little corner of the world.

So yesterday the Grandest Baby and I took Dani for a walk,  We were halfway through the neighborhood when clouds rolled in, so we headed home.  And because it wasn’t lightning, I took Lola’s hand, grabbed two of the umbrellas I keep by the front door, and off we went for our first Rain Walk.

She wasn’t sure what a Rain Walk was, but she carried that pretty umbrella with the solemnity of a priest carrying a chalice.  We walked slowly through the neighborhood, so we had barely gone a few yards when my hubby pulled up.  He saw what we were doing, so he pulled a huge umbrella from his car and joined us–but not before snapping a few pictures with his iPhone.

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And so the three of us paraded S L O W L Y through the neighborhood, first me, then

hubby, then little grand baby.  And when we were done, we left our dripping umbrellas on the porch and decided that it had been a very good walk.

Hmmm.  I think I smell a picture book in there somewhere . . .

But for now, we will be watching the skies and praying for another opportunity to walk in the rain together.

~~Angie rainwalk3 copy


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  1. Kathy

    What fun!


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