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I’m sitting in my office with two

puppies at my feet as a tropical storm rages around us. ¬†Actually, I’m grateful for the storm because we were in a most desperate need for rain.

And while I’m sitting here, I

thought I’d enter the email addresses of some of the folks who said they wanted to be added to my newsletter list during our contest for the release of THE OFFERING. ¬†(BTW, we had a fun Facebook party last night. ¬†So sorry if you missed it!)

But while I was typing in all

those email addresses, I had to smile at the glimpse it gave me into their owners’ lives.


Disneyland1234@something.net :   does he work there?  Does he visit often?  Did he meet his wife there, or propose there?  Why would you name your email addy after a theme park?

Nanasmanyangels@something.com  :  how precious.  This woman has many lovely grandchildren, and she loves them.  Makes me smile.

scraphappy@something.net. ¬†Clearly, this woman loves scrapbooking. ¬†Or did at some point in her life. ¬†ūüôā

Futureallstar@gmail.com. ¬†Hmm. ¬†Baseball? ¬†Basketball? ¬†I’m clueless, but clearly someone is dreaming. ¬†Good for him!

tmtluvs2sweep@something.com. ¬†Hmmm. ¬†Wonder if she’ll come clean my house?

dariasparkles@something.com. ¬† I don’t know her, but I like her!

happyfather_123@something.com. ¬†I like him, too. ¬†Three kids? ¬†God bless ’em.

pinkneedles@something.com.   Hmm.  Knitter?  Nurse?  Cancer survivor?  Very curious.

lowrider1@something.net.  Hmm.  Motorcycle or jeans?  Plumber?  or Harley fan?

quiltyreader@something.com.  Love this.  She makes quilts and reads books.  Wonder if she can do both at the same time?

strength4yu@something.net.   Hmmm.  Christian or Amway sales pitch?

toosillysisters@something.com.  Did they mean TWO silly sisters?  Whatever, it makes me smile.

poordaddy@something.com. ¬† ¬†I keep visualizing a father who has just paid for his daughter’s wedding.

blackrosesinjuly@something.com. ¬†Okay, this one puzzles me. ¬†Does she sell black roses? ¬†Or did something tragic happen to her in July? ¬†Sounds like a book title–a good one. ¬†ūüôā

fordjunkstuff@something.com.  Again, arouses my curiosity.  Do they run a junk shop?  Do they think Fords are junk?   The mind boggles.


If you should happen to be the owner of one of these wonderful email addresses, feel free to jump in and explain your uniqueness. ¬†But no matter what, these make me lift my mug in celebration of their singularity! ūüôā




  1. Mocha with Linda

    Those are great. My fave is the blackrosesinjuly one. I agree – that would be an incredible book title!

    I was SO bummed to miss your FB party last night. I had a previous commitment and wasn’t home. I’m sure it was lots of fun!

    I absolutely loved reading and reviewing The Offering a couple of weeks ago. So, so good! Now back to waiting for another Angie book! ūüôā

    Don’t want a hurricane but we sure could use a tropical storm to fill our drought-stricken lakes back up.

    • Angie

      Thanks, Linda–I think I missed your review, but I’ll have to go back and look for it. We had fun at the FB party, but I’m sure it would have been MORE fun if you’d been there!


  2. Kay Day

    I love these, too. I’m always interested in why people choose what they do for an e-mail addy. These are fun! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Barbara M.

    Yes! As a matter of fact, I do quilt and read at the same time! Audiobooks are the best for multi-tasking.

    I, too, wonder about the meanings behind some email addresses. Love your comments!


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