These days I feel like I don’t have a spare moment–if I’m not reading or writing something for my life as a writer, I’m reading or processing or snapping something for my photography.  In any case, yesterday I set up the studio and snapped pictures of my granddaughter, my puppy, and the three-month-old baby of a dear friend.  Love those babies!  I’ll be sharing some pictures on my photography facebook page, but I had to share some pictures of my newest puppy.  (Click on any photo to enlarge).

And let me tell you–raising and training a puppy is every bit as time-consuming and taxing as raising a baby–except that it’s on a faster track (thank goodness!) .  My puppies only have accidents in the house when they slip out of my sight, so the goal is to keep them with me at all times–and that’s easier said than done.  But we’re making steady progress and having fun along the way.  I seem to be washing fewer and fewer “pee towels” these days . . .

(My little granddaughter play-pretends–she drops dish towels on the floor, then stomps on them while yelling, “Pee!  Pee!”   Oy.)

So since I snapped pictures of Dani at three months old, I thought I should photograph Billy at the same stage and on the same couch. 🙂

BTW, I haven’t stopped writing.  My book on Esther, which has a working title of HADASSAH, is about to be submitted to my publisher, and I’m beginning research on another project.  In any case, my plate is full enough to keep me very busy.

I hope the rest of your month is wonderful and blessed. Remember to celebrate Easter–because Christ’s resurrection is our hope of glory! Rejoice!





  1. Mocha with Linda

    Love the pics and getting caught up with what you’re doing. Have you hung up your apron? You didn’t mention baking anything! 🙂

    • Angie

      LOL! I still bake occasionally, but lately I haven’t had time. I think I need to bake some dog biscuits, though . . . .

      When these puppies are trained, I’ll have a little more time. You’d be amazed how much time gets eaten up walking to the back door and saying “go potty?” every 15 minutes or so . . . 😉

  2. Constance Pinckney

    I picked up Doesn’t She Look Natural? and said to myself, “I like the woman who wrote this book!” After visiting your site and seeing your comments about loose dogs and viewing your puppy and grandbaby photographs, I know I do.
    Thank you for sharing God’s humor, hope and grace in its many shapes and colors.


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