I’ve been taking an online video class called “Graphic Design for Everyone”–hoping to produce better book cover and newsletter designs.  Anyway, the teacher, who is funny and articulate and entertaining–was talking about the value of inserting a pastoral or nature scene into an ad or business card or whatever.

“These sort of pictures touch the soul,” she said.  “And do you know why?”

“Sure,” I told my computer screen.  “They touch us because they testify of the greatness and intelligence and wisdom and artistry of our creator.”

My teacher (who couldn’t hear me, of course) then said, “They touch us because of evolution.  When we see a scene like this, we see the green and know there’s water nearby, and water is necessary for life.  We see the woods and know there’s food nearby, and we need food to eat.  We are genetically engineered to appreciate scenes like this.”

By this time I was nearly agape with disbelief.  I’m sorry, but seeing a trickling stream does not make me want to drink it.  Seeing woods does not make me want to pick up a bow and eat a squirrel.

mountain goats meadow_edited-1

Photo taken at Glen Eyrie, Colorado Springs.

On ANY level.

But the Bible tells us that the heavens are telling the glory of God. The sun, moon, and stars sing His praises.  And all of nature has been given to us to show us that we didn’t build that — only God can make a tree.

(My goodness, I’m quoting from all sorts of sources this morning, aren’t I?)

The other day I was thinking about how rapidly our culture has fallen away from any sense of decency and morality and TRUTH.  And I’ve decided that the single thing that caused us to fall so far in a single century is evolution.

Before Darwin’s theory became established in the culture, nearly everyone accepted that we were created beings, created by a higher power.  But Darwin said we were the top of the heap, the head of the food chain, the gods of our own universe. We humans were no more special or significant than the animals; we were simply well-adapted enough to make it to the top of the ladder.

So the idea of God was set aside, replaced by a mind-numbing and intellect-freezing arrogance.  Evolution provides no answer for why the universe exists; it only reinforces the idea that everything  exists to serve US.

Think about it.  And the next time your breath is snatched away by the beauty of a sunset or the sparkle of the sun on the sea, know that it was created by a Creator with an eye for beauty and a heart for his creation.

And He is God.



  1. Kristin

    I agree with you on each point that you made. I feel the same as you about our culture, and I sometimes feel that the number of people that stand for truth (and morality and decency, as you said) continues to dwindle. I pray that when Christ returns that I will still be found faithful. Thank you for the encouragement of your last paragraph!

  2. kathy

    Agreed. I was soooo disappointed in the election outcome because, whether or not we agreed with everything the republican candidates did, they both acknowledged God and mostly the sanctity of life and importance of family. Sigh.

  3. Clyde

    Oh, so very true. We are bombarded from all sides with this secular, politically correct mindset that is so disheartening. Loved the quote … only difference is that you used it correctly! The time is coming when we will be free to speak of our Omnipotent Lord without fear or hesitation. I can hardly wait! cot

  4. Tami

    Angie, I agree with everything you said.

    Evolution diminishes. It diminishes our Creator, us, and everything He created. Personally, I find comforting the fact that God created everything for a specific purpose. I don’t find that same comfort in evolution. I don’t understand how anyone can embrace anything other than the fact we were created by loving God.

    Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy reading your posts. 🙂


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