To see a close-up, click on the individual photo, that takes you to a page with a single photo. Then click again.  🙂




  1. kathy

    They are adorable together!!

  2. Clyde

    Ah, it must be good to have two again. How much Dani has grown already. Expect Billy to catch up in no time at all. Congratulations!

  3. Susan

    Dani looks thrilled….I’m sure they will be a happy twosome in no time!!

  4. Tammie Fickas

    Wow! Dani’s gotten so big! I love the picture of her with her arm around Billy.

  5. Kathy Mackel

    I can’t believe how big Dani is! Your house will be filled with big dogs before you know it. (They’re big in spirit already!) The grand-princess is getting big, too. Wow, love the young life.


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