Yesterday one of my canvas prints arrived at the house.  You can see it in the picture–it was a photo of my granddaughter in her new car on Christmas morning, complete with cell phone and pink wig.

I opened the package and called the grandest baby over. Her eyes widened and she took the huge 16 x 20 almost reverently.  Then she uttered a word I’d never heard her say before:  CUTE!

She’s not even two yet, so she’s still Angela_da1989c5-4fd6-4402-aac2-48e7246266f4_FullSize in one-word sentences, but for half an hour or so that’s all we heard:  “Cuuuute!”  She carried that huge canvas around, smiling at it, and then smiling at us and saying, “Cute!”  Her mother and I laughed, because she was so doggone . . . cute.

But then we tried to take it away from her to hang it on the wall . . . and she let out an ear-splitting wail that sent my migraine into overdrive. :-/

Now it’s the next morning, and I’m still thinking about that little episode.  When an almost-two-year-old thinks she’s cute, we smile and laugh because it’s, well, honest.   Many adults who feel the same way will cloak themselves in humility and say, “Oh, it’s just a picture.”

But there’s a spiritual lesson in that little story, too.  Because I love my granddaughter, I took the picture, photoshopped out the dining room background, painted in blue skies and clouds, and sent it off to be printed on canvas.  I paid to have it mounted, gallery wrapped, and delivered.

But was my granddaughter thinking of any of that?  Of course not, she’s only a baby.

YET . . . how often do we adults take something that God has given us, parade it around, and scream like crazy if someone attempts to take it away?  I know I’ve behaved exactly like Lola did, and at a much more advanced age.  Yet I didn’t create the thing I was clinging to, and I didn’t give the gift to myself. My heavenly Father was responsible for everything, and if he wants to do something else with what he’s given me, I need to let him. Without screaming. 🙂

This little parable brought to you by Angela Hunt and the Grandest Baby.



  1. Sunni Jeffers

    Cute. And true.

  2. Mocha with Linda

    Adorable picture,. And what a great analogy.

    How quickly “cute” can segue to “mine!”

  3. Mary Kay

    Great image, great message. (And, of course, greatest baby.) So happy to read this Angie. Was wondering ’cause last I “saw” Lola she disappeared from her photo shoot. 🙂

    Happy weekend to you all.


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