Well, not a letter, exactly, but an email, which is what most writers get these days.

A dear lady named Hester writes:

I was reading the above book (Grace in Autumn) as an “easy” read. Only God had other ideas…..the strong priniciples of faith and trust in God worked on this old tired heart. Then I started to read pages174 through 181 and found a Glorious description of Heaven! I know that is may not be just right but it was just right for my worn heart. So much so that I read it to my husband who sat and listened crying the whole while. Thank you for giving hope to two old saints.

God bless you always.

P.S. I was going to pass the book along to others but now I am old enough that if I keep it ayear or so , it will be new again with new lessons.


Angie here:  that email made my day.  🙂  And that, friends, is why I write.


  1. Mary Kay

    Amen! What a delight. And what a fun lady; I can identify with being of an age that reading a book in a year or two it may seem brand new! LOL. Be encouraged, Angie, even on those days you don’t get emails. So few of us take the time to write even when we are deeply touched. It is such a gift to authors, though, to receive them. I think I’ll encourage my friends to do that.

    Thanks, dear sister.

  2. Leslie

    So agree with Mary Kay. The most recent author I’ve written a note to was actually R.L. Stine (the children/youth writer). It turned out that one of my favorite books as a kid was written by him – he was using a pseudonym. For fun I sent him an email about it and less than a day later I had a response thanking me and that as far as he could remember I was the only person to ever email him about that book! Wow. And obviously that’s not even a Christian book. Because of how badly Christians get torn down at times by the enemy of our souls; its doubly important to let our brothers and sisters know when they’ve written something that touches our hearts.


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