. . . and I never realized it until yesterday.  Shooting at the Petwalk was good experience for me–I had to deal with crowds, shifting shadows and bright sunlight, etc.  Learned a few lessons on that outing, including how to crop out the unattractive base of an stage.

And as I walked back to my car, I shot these two random photos of the bay.  And when I got home to play with the phots last night, I realized that I DO live in a photographer’s paradise.  I have a beach to my right, a pier a few miles away, and all sorts of wildlife and nature in between.

I need to get out more and just start shooting. 🙂  For fun and for the practice.  When the results please me as much as the two photos below, why stay inside?

Once the daily pages quota is done, of course.  Am happy to report that I have finished the first draft of my Esther book, and am now proceeding to layer #2. 



  1. Mocha with Linda

    “Once the daily pages quota is done, of course.” Whew. I keep worrying you are going to toss the novels and become a full-time photographer! 🙂

    Looking forward to Esther!

    • sue kotchman

      I hope you never give up writing, even though I love your photos and the adorable cards you made with them!


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