So today I took my new camera to the SPCA.  I snapped nine dogs–no wonder I just finished processing photos at 8 p.m.!  My SPCA work takes an entire day out of my schedule, but I’ve planned out my work week so that I should still stay on track–Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, as they used to say.

Anyway, I shot with a 50mm lens with aperture priority, which blurs everything that isn’t focused.  I had more than the usual focused noses and blurry eyes, but I’ll get the hang of that.  And in one photo, I used the sharp nose and blurry eyes to some effect–I thought it made a funny photograph.  🙂  And I’ve begun to throw some Christmas themed items into the mix, hoping that maybe we can use some of the images for Christmas greetings, etc.

Had more than the usual percentage of adolescent dogs today–we get a lot of those, and I figure that’s because people who don’t have time to train their dogs give up when the cute puppy enters adolescence.  Dogs are like children, they need to be trained, no matter what the breed or size.  Fortunately, we have folks who work with the dogs in our shelter, teaching them skills such as walking on a leash, sitting on command, etc.  Unfortunately, I get a lot of dogs in the phodography studio who hadn’t a clue what “sit” means no matter how many times I say it.  :-/

But I did meet some charming dogs today–they were all sweet.  My favorite is little blue-eyed Sophie.  What a look!

Enjoy the pictures!  I hope all these pups find homes soon!




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