Spent Thursday at the SPCA, spent today working.  Both days were fun, each in their own way.  🙂  May go back to the SPCA tomorrow if no other photographers have signed up.  I keep experimenting with new locations and photo looks–and each dog is different, of course.  I’ve been waiting on a zoom lens I ordered–will be useful when I have those nervous dogs who don’t want to stand still OR have the camera pointed at them.

Also, today I received my cards for the “Beautiful Babies” collection–yes, in case you’ve missed the news, I’ve produced some DARLING correspondence cards that I’m selling (to spread the joy) through my website and through Etsy.  Just go to www.etsy.com and search for “Creative Phodography” and you’ll find my shop.  Anyway, the “beautiful baby” cards are in, and they are adorable!

Here are Thursday’s dogs.  🙂  So sweet!




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