I was supposed to bake macarons for my neighbor across the street this weekend, but when I saw that there were some dogs at the SPCA that needed pictures, I baked on Friday night so I could head out to the shelter this morning.  And the four dogs I expected to snap quickly turned into EIGHT, so it was a busy day indeed.  But much of the day my little granddaughter sat on my lap and watched me process the photos, so that was fun.  It’s a good thing she likes dogs.

And I met some sweet doggies this morning.  A couple of puppies, a couple of livelys, and one sweet girl who didn’t seem to even want to walk out of her kennel–you’ll see her as “Juicy Fruit.”  She was so sweet–I’d take her home in a minute if I didn’t already have a house full of dogs.

A friend reminded me last weekend of Dean Koontz’s book, WATCHERS.  I read it years ago, but downloaded it from Audible.com just so I could hear it this time, and enjoy the book again.  If you’ve never read it–and if you like dogs–you should check it out.  🙂

Enjoy the pictures from today!



  1. Hilary

    Oh my goodness, these little guys are so cute!


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