Moi, Robin Lee Hatcher, Frank Peretti, Randy Alcorn, and Terri Blackstock.

Moi, Robin Lee Hatcher, Frank Peretti, Randy Alcorn, Terri Blackstock

I’ve just flown home on the red-eye from Los Angeles to Miami and Tampa–I’m going on no sleep, but my heart is full and my spirit has been renewed (and my energy will catch up after a good night’s sleep).

This past weekend my writing pal Bill Myers hosted several old friends for a few days of conversation, laughter, music, and prayer.  We have all been writing in the Christian publishing industry for 25+ years.  I joined my dear friends Terri Blackstock, Robin Lee Hatcher, James Scott Bell and his wife St. Cindy, Frank Peretti, Randy Alcorn, and Bill, of course, as we talked about personal and professional challenges.  We had church together on Sunday morning, and we laughed, wept, and prayed together.

Hanging out as Randy talks about heaven.

Hanging out as Randy talks about heaven . . .

Writers have writer friends, you know, and the friendship between Christian writers is sweet and supportive.  We are iron sharpening iron, and for years we have prayed and celebrated with one another.  But we don’t often get to BE together in a casual situation–oh, we meet at conferences where we are busy teaching and mentoring and running around, but it’s RARE that we get to hang out together in someone’s back yard, munch on pretzels, and play with the resident dogs.

So this was a rare treat indeed.  Thank you, Bill and Brenda Myers for opening your home to us, and thank you, my writer friends, for understanding that I can’t talk about the deep things in my heart without the spigots turning on and my voice getting all high and squeaky.

. . . and I, James Scott Bell, and Bill Myers listen.

. . . and we listen.

I love you all.  And I’ll be meeting you at the throne as we pray for each other.

Now . . . let’s get back to work!


Me ‘n Chaucer.  Man, I keep good company!
Singin’ a duet with Frank Peretti. The man is a first rate guitarist.
Frank, Randy, and Terri  doing the photographer’s “Yeah!” 😉



  1. Mocha with Linda

    I’ve seen these photos on a couple of the other authors’ FB sites and was eager to hear your “take” on the weekend. Sounds like such a sweet time.

  2. Unknown

    Looks like a wonderful fun and refreshing time!

  3. Unknown

    Google won’t let me have my name anymore. That was me – Kay.

  4. Richard Mabry

    Can’t help but remark–how did you catch Jim Bell in a silent, listening pose? Must have a really fast shutter.

    Seriously, looks like you all had a great time. Envy you the fellowship. Thanks for sharing.

  5. sunnij

    Good point, Richard. But what a great group. I can imagine you had a fabulous time.

  6. Ane Mulligan

    I know the sweet spirit that must have been surrounding that place, Angie. What a wonderful retreat for y’all!


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