I began serious research today for my next novel, and wow, was it eye-opening.  I suppose I should go ahead and tell you that I’m working on a novel about Esther–she has always been one of my favorite Bible characters, and I know there’s a lot more to the story than the abbreviated version we read in the Scriptures. So I have begun to read reliable extra-biblical texts, and hoo boy, you wouldn’t believe some of what I’m reading.  But I can’t spill the beans here, or the book will hold no surprises . . . and you know what I’m all about–expect the unexpected!  LOL!

But I do hope you’ll trust me to not insert anything that is impossible or not credible.  But this was a fascinating period of time, the Persians were an amazing empire, and King Xerxes was quite the interesting fellow.

Re’Gen 7 in 1977

I’ve read other novels about Esther in my lifetime, and none of them contained any of what I’m reading.  But I love research, so I’m going to dig deep through any materials I can find.  🙂   Should–Lord willing–have the book finished by January of next year.

August looks to be a busy month–some of you remember the musical ensemble known as The Re’generation, which traveled throughout the United States from about 1970 through ’82 (I think).  And there is still a group led by Derric Johnson still singing today!

(Also, if you’ve heard the Voices of Liberty at Disney’s Epcot, you’re hearing the music–and many of the voices–of Re’Gen.)

Re’Gen performing at Disney World. 

In any case, Re’gen is having another reunion next weekend in Nashville, TN.  August 11th is Pastor Derric’s 80th birthday, so we’re going to have a party and sing “Happy Birthday” Re’Gen Style–acapella and in ten parts.  🙂  Should be a blast.   For the first time in history, ALL of the girls from Re’Gen seven, my year, are coming!

So I hope you’re doing well.  The photos are from Re’Gen now and then.  We don’t grow old . . . we just keep singing.  🙂

Pastor Derric at our last reunion–2 years ago, I think.  :-/     (My life is a blur). 


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  1. Anonymous

    Very excited to read your book on Esther … fascinating woman in scripture alone. Can’t wait to see what all you bring forth from all your research. Excited for you, too, about the ReGen Reunion. You should write a book about them, too. In your spare time … between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m.!!! Clyde


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