Life has been so busy lately–my daughter and granddaughter are staying with us for a while, so you can well imagine how busy that can keep us.  I love babysitting, though–we nanas never know when we’ll have these opportunities, so we snatch them when we can!

Having handed in THE OFFERING, I am also ready to begin my next project, so it’s time to do research. This will be a historical, so I’m collecting all sorts of thick books and settling in to figure out what I need and what I don’t.  People often volunteer to research for me, but I really don’t know any way to get information from a book into my head without absorbing it directly.

And of course I’m keeping up my work with the SPCA.  Went there today in the sweltering heat and snapped five doggies; then came home and had to change out of my wet clothes.  One nice thing about living in the south–we have very moist skin!  🙂

And I have news for all of you who like ebooks–my latest animal venture, Snapping Shelter Cats, will be FREE from August 3 through 7, so you can download and read it free on your Kindle, your iPad, your iPhone, or even your laptop.  Amazon has free readers for all those devices and more.

Even if you’re not interested in photography, I hope you’ll download it to look at the pictures. 🙂   The book is quite similar to Snapping Shelter Dogs, but the snapping part is completely different, as cats and dogs operate in different modes.  Dogs are happy to cooperate, cats have to be, um, well, let’s just say that we have to cooperate with THEM.

Here’s a link where you can download the book beginning at midnight tonight.  🙂

And here are some pictures of the lovely puppies I snapped today and last week.  🙂  Enjoy your weekend!








Rebel? Rascal? I can’t remember. 


Sweet Pea

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  1. Nikki

    Can’t wait to read The Offering! I know you are enjoying your sweet L.
    This entire post made me smile… especially Jubba.


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